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  • Tips & Education for Airbnb Hosts

    When striving to become the best Airbnb host in your area, doing so requires more than just creating an aesthetically pleasing space. You never know who is looking for a […]

  • As a host, your first priority is usually to increase the bookings of your vacation rental and maximize your occupancy – especially during peak season. However, if you frequently experience booking c […]

  • Tips & Education for Airbnb Hosts

    In Episode #4, Chelsey tours the fantastic Somerset Cottage @ West Avenue Cider House listing

    A brief excerpt of this listing:

    The cottage has 3 bedrooms […]

  • I am at my wits end trying to insert youtube videos into my Waiter plugin. I am inserting the video into a new line, but no success. I have had to resort not using VacationSoup for my last 3 blogposts, which is unfortunate. I decided to give it a try again today and no luck. If I cannot insert my youtube videos I will have to give up on the…[Read more]

    • Hi Peter, are you inserting just the Youtube URL?
        • Hi Peter, I was just looking at your Leinster Bay article and it has a video in the soup
            • Hi Alan. I was unable to insert the YouTube video url in the soup. Francis reached out to me and said it was ok to use the built in Wordpress post plugin. I was concerned that by doing so my post would not be part of the VS platform, but he said it would be. There was no problem inserting the video using this method.
        • Setting the right rate for your vacation rentals isn’t just about initial profits.
          Finding the sweet spot of your particular rental market can ensure that you’ll get repeat renters who will properly app […]

        • Thanks Alan. Got it. A shame. Will try to find a work round, maybe a link to the video on my blog would be better than nothing.

        • Tips & Education for Airbnb Hosts

          Even the most excellent hosts receive negative Airbnb reviews occasionally from their guests. Even though you can’t change the review you can control your response and the way y […]

        • Hi Susan,

          This is a function of core Wordpress (as opposed to the waiter itself). It’s not possible to syndicate posts containing iframes for security reasons. Wordpress strips out any iframe code when importing HTML pages.

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