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Vacation Soup Updates

WordPress 5.0

On 6th December WordPress released the much awaited version 5.0. This is a major...

Please add a photo of yourself to your profile – We are a social community and it’s nice to see who we all are – Thanks in advance.

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  • Here’s today’s quick Guttenburg tutorial

  • Pro Tip – If you are looking for copyright free images to use for your website, blog or social media I recommend and I also use
  • Hi Clare, Hi Jenny,

    I’m glad that you liked the video.

    I think (and these are only my thoughts at present) that Guttenburg will make Elementor and the other page editors obsolete in the long run.

    Page builders like Elementor were created because the ‘Classic’ Wordpress editor wasn’t all that intuitive to use.

    As such the current Guttenburg is…[Read more]

  • Hi Sherene,In answer to your comment on enjoying posts etc in community forum . I managed to plop ( dont do tecki language) what looks like an app on my phone that links the community forum. I simply opened the Community forum page in the search bar on the phone and hit the save tab and the icon of a ‘genies lamp’ for VS as said plopped up. So…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed the Guttenburg video, I have watched it twice ( yesterday in the dentist waiting room as well! memorable) and look forward to more videos not dentist!

    Great minds think alike Clare… I just popped on here to ask a similar question.

    Is Elementor used in conjunction with Guttenburg ?

    Guttenburg do we look on this as the nuts and…[Read more]

  • Hi Francis, I totally understand and am also frustrated by Facebook’s lack of organizing and searching. But I love the idea of seeing forum contents posts there. But knowing I can come here, search and perhaps get a little deeper on a subject now that I know it has been brought up.


  • Thank you Alan, easy to understand video.  So is Guttenbury replacing Elementor at some point?

  • This week I’ll be sharing some video tutorials on Wordpress’s new editor, Guttenburg.

    This one is a beginners guide to get you used to some of the basics



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