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  • Over the last few years there has been a lot written about guest experience but pretty much all of it has been written from an owners point of view.

    In this article, I blow the lid on the real guest experience […]

  • The trend of themed vacation rentals is rising in popularity among holiday guests. Who wouldn’t love to feel like a princess in a castle for a weekend or enjoy some tropical island vibes, away from the beach? E […]

  • Hi Griff,

    Firstly, yes you are correct, this is not right. The speed issue and the lack of menu are both wrong, the best way for me to solve this is to gain access to your admin. Can you please contact me either on chat or by email and I will diagnose and (helpfully) correct it.



    My website builder installed Timber and your Vacation Soup Blogging Plugin (please see my previous posts here – as Francis said they did not check the instructions at first!). Since then my WordPress CMS and Dashboard has been extremely slow with the time between clicking on a item and it being displayed taking 25-30 seconds and then the same…[Read more]

  • Hey Guys,

    I’ve only just become a full member of the Soup and trying to catch up. Finding the discussions very interesting.

    I can see the value of sharing and commenting but am not quite clear on the way Jenny suggests we do so.

    1. When you say “our post pops up on FB feed” I presume you are referring to the VS FB page. Should we say “Thanks for…

    [Read more]

  • Thanks Alan, I experimented and was able to back date it on the Waiter in the same way I would have done on classic editor!

    Thanks for the password.

  • alan egan replied to the topic Back date posts in the forum Wordpress Plugin 3 days ago

    Hi Sue,

    If you add the ole posts via the standard editor you can post date them – Then open them in the waiter and add lat and long, magazines etc.

    I will PM you the password


  • Hello,

    I have just published our new website, I am adding the best of my old blog posts to it bit by bit. Can I back date posts on the Waiter? And will they be published for that date or for the present date? I don’t want to “flood ” VS.

    I have also noticed that several of these older posts show up in Google, so wish to update to avoid 404…[Read more]

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