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  • Is there an alternative way of including a table in the soup?

  • Hi Francis, I’m still having issues embedding a youtube video in my post. I’ve put the embed code in TEXT and the video appears at first but isn’t there once it’s published.

  • Hello Blak,

    You are correct, your posts in the soup won’t display the table. We can’t include (or foresee) all of the plugins that various members use. That would be impossible. I suggest that you screenshot the table and include the image. This may not be ideal for mobile but it’s a better solution than us displaying shortcode.

    I hope this…[Read more]

  • Hello Clare,

    I haven’t used Free to book but I think that redirects to their website (I may be wrong).

    I have embedded the Supercontrol calendar into some websites so that’s possible (although it’s not the prettiest I’ve seen).

    Personally, I prefer Owner Rez

  • If I publish using the soup plugin, will it pick up a table created using the tablepress plugin? All I see is the short code in the visual section, but it does show up when I preview the page. (My blog post won’t make much sense without the table.)




  • Hi Alan & Francis

    I would like to add a booking engine to the website.  I done a bit of research and think I know which one I want (price is a factor)  I’m thinking of something like free to book or supercontrol.

    My questions are   1. Can we do it?  2. I would like to add it on the contact us page, how do I do that?

    Thanks in advance.  Clare

  • Many travelers choose vacation rentals for their trips because of the unique guest experience they provide. While hotels can be advantageous for certain types of travel, more guests than ever are steering towards […]

  • Hi Gattaldo  I usually save my post as a draft (before publishing)  and then it will be saved on the right under “your recent posts”  and there will be icon on the picture of your post the one on the right is “view locally in tab”  there you will be able to see what you post looks like and you can edit it if needed, with the button on the left (in…[Read more]

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