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7 TweetDeck Alternatives You Should Start Thinking About

Alternatives to TweetDeck

There is some very real talk about Twitter offering a paid subscription to power users which would be contained within TweetDeck. Its mobile app is already gone and there’s a very real possibility that the desktop version of TweetDeck could be removed or upgraded to paid only.

Maybe it’s time to consider some TweetDeck alternatives for your business. Here are seven ready contenders.

1.  ManageFlitter

tweetdeck alternative ManageFlitter

With 3,672,855 users, ManageFlitter is certainly a viable TweetDeck alternative. This platform offers you much more than multiple account management; it also offers you access to some of the meatier analytics that are available. Additional features not included on TweetDeck are “Unfollow,” which will immediately show you the people who you’ve followed who don’t follow you back. “Copy Followers” which allows you to filter and copy another person’s followers and a much deeper search which allows you to filter by keywords, followers, age, location, and much more.

The Verdict

ManageFlitter is certainly a useful Twitter management tool for brands with multiple channels and those looking for better analytics, something TweetDeck never really provided. However, this tool doesn’t come cheap and for a social media manager like myself, with 10 + accounts it would be $43 per month. When you consider that’s just for Twitter, it’s a significant expense.

2.  Tweepi

Over 1,500.00 people are using Tweepi because it’s a neat little tool that cuts down on your management time whilst also giving you a little extra in the way of functionality. Tweepi offers a one screen dashboard with up to 200 users displayed on each page (platinum solution). Tweepi has a remote account management option which allows busy users to be more automated with their follows whilst also providing useful follower data.

On the pro accounts, you have the ability to load the Klout scores of your followers. The Klout Score is a number between 1-100 that represents your influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score, Barack Obama scores a 99 for example.

Tweepi twitter tool

image source

The Verdict

This is a great tool tool to clean up your Twitter account and get rid of irrelevant or inactive users. It also provides heaps of insightful Twitter stats to understand the social value of your followers and your overall productivity. BUT and it is a big but, Tweepi only links to one Twitter account and not multiple ones like TweetDeck. Therefore, it’s great for a big brand looking to gain additional functionality but not a good option for agencies. Prices start from $12.99 per month.

3.  Agorapulse

agorapulse tweetdeck

Agorapulse is a real and affordable alternative to TweetDeck with some cheeky added extras thrown in. With the ability to easily manage multiple accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, Agorapulse doesn’t stop there. With a chrome extension, mobile app and desktop view, this is a management system for busy people on the go. With features such as scheduling, monitoring and reporting all rolled in, your social spend really goes a long way by eliminating the need for a second toolbox.

When it comes to Twitter, Agorapulse enables you to carry out a full range of activities such as review, retweet, reply, schedule, requeue and send direct messages all from one dashboard. This makes it super easy to flick between accounts which could all be Twitter or a pic n mix of all your social media profiles.

tweetdeck alternatives agorapulse

The Verdict

With pricing starting from $49 per month for 3 profiles and the ability to add extra accounts for just $15, this is a great option for companies needing fully functional, scalable solutions.

Twitter management tool Agorapulse

4.  Tweeten

tweetdeck competitor tweeten

Developed by @mehedih_ and @gus33000, Tweeten is basically TweetDeck after a spot of technical Botox! Available on Chrome, Windows, OS X, Linux, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, this is a nice little platform that picks up where TweetDeck left off. In fact, some say Tweeten is better as it was built with Electron. Electron was initially designed for GitHub’s Atom Editor but since has experienced massive adoption by Slack, Microsoft, Facebook and many others.

The Verdict

If you’re a diehard TweetDeck fan and you are simply looking for a backup option in case something happens to TweetDeck then this is it. Tweeten is free, very similar in appearance and perhaps even a bit slicker than TweetDeck. It won’t monitor or analyze your fans but it will let you manage multiple accounts.

What About Mobile TweetDeck Alternatives?

Do you like to manage your Twitter accounts on the go? Since TweetDeck stopped its mobile apps back in 2013 and its Windows App ceased functioning on April 15, 2016, Android and iPhone users have been left with the web desktop version of the program. For hardcore social media managers, this certainly left a gap in the market for a new app to replace it. Let’s take a look at the best of the bunch for mobile.

5.  Tweetbot

tweetdeck alternative tweetbot

Tweetbot is a Twitter management tool for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. It can help you manage multiple accounts and lists and with its iCloud capabilities you can certainly expect more. However, at $19.99 per month on the Mac App Store it is a pretty pricey choice for a mobile only app. Personally, I would prefer to pay a licence for a desktop which also includes an app.

6.  Twitterrific

twitterific twitter managment app

A more reasonably priced option for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. It’s $4.99 is Twitterific. (Note: it’s sadly not available for we Android users!) As a cool added extra though, it is available for your Apple watch so you can manage, filter, and tweet like James Bond.

7.  UberSocial

ubersocial tweetdeck alternative

Previously known as Twidroyd, UberSocial a great option for BlackBerry users looking for TweetDeck alternatives. It now also incorporates  iPhone and Android and features multiple account management, posting to Facebook, muting users and searching for Tweets. The basic version is free, with a pro upgrade available for $4.99.

The future of TweetDeck is not certain and if, like me, you are relying on it for your Twitter management, now is a great time to try out some alternatives. What do you think about the possibility of TweetDeck being discontinued?

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