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7 Ways To Use VR At Your Next Team Building Event

Unlike traditional team building methods that call for venues, equipment, and often as not, a team of qualified facilitators, VR team building programs can be handled in-house. At the forefront of this innovative new approach are companies that specialise in both the design of the programs and the cost-effective rental of them along with all the necessary equipment to make them work. In the following article, we will take a look at (in no particular order) what we think are the top 7 VR team building experiences available.

1. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

We all know that if any cracks are likely to appear in a team it is going to be when the pressure is piled on. In “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” the pressure really is on from the word go. Whoever ends up in the driving seat is reliant on at least two of their teammates to communicate instructions on how to diffuse a bomb!

If that doesn’t sound too demanding, then you should think on, because everyone is working against the clock, a clock that just happens to speed up every time you make a wrong move. The challenge relies heavily on clear communication in both directions with the remote team players relying on the player with the bomb asking for the right information. Keep talking and no one explodes is deeply absorbing and the only way to beat the bomb is through trust, communication, and working as a team. In fact, it does what it says on the label; it builds teams.

2. Fantastic Contraption

They say that when it comes to tapping into our creative potential “the only limits are our own imaginations” and the clever designers of the Fantastic Contraption VR experience have focused right there. The core challenge of this team building exercise is to solve specific virtual problems but in order to do so; players have to build a fantastic contraption right out of their own imaginations. This is achieved through a set of tools, and every single outcome is guaranteed to be unique.

Fantastic contraption is accurately aimed at drawing out a team’s creative skills while encouraging them to exercise innovation in problem-solving. To say that it relies on “thinking outside the box” would be something of an understatement and it clearly illustrates how every problem can be solved in many different and unique ways. Team members taking part in this VR exercise should gain a deeper understanding of how an individual’s uniqueness can bring a different but valid solution to an issue.

3. Meditation VR

Although Meditation VR isn’t so much of a team building program through tasks or problem solving, we believe that it has a positive contribution to make to the members of any business team. Stress and burnout in the workplace are all too common these days and pressure of work can be one of the main culprits behind them.

Stepping back, taking stock, and spending some time relaxing is often all that is needed to set team members back on the right track.

Meditation VR does just that by removing you from the work environment and transporting you to a virtual mini vacation in your favourite location. Once you arrive there it uses tried and tested meditation methods to relieve stress and recharge your batteries.

4. Everest VR

Traditionally, team building was always about getting away from the office or the shop and experiencing working together in a different environment. From problem-solving in the great outdoors to treasure hunting, paintballing, or anything else that got you out of the office for a few hours. It is unlikely; however, that such team building days would have taken any accountants or receptionist to the top of Mount Everest and that is exactly what Everest VR does.


This intensely graphic VR program has the ability to transport people to anywhere on the globe including the Earth’s orbit and the depths of the ocean. It provides a series of challenges relative to each chosen location, and it certainly takes you out of the office at least in the virtual sense. All in all, Everest VR provides a unique and stimulating team building experience.

5. Job Simulator

One of the best features of the Job Simulator VR team building experience is that the whole team gets to join in. While one of your co-workers is coping with the fun of a highly exaggerated virtual office, everyone else gets to watch on a high-resolution TV. The hilarity takes in everything from making the coffee, turning on the PC, and talking on the phone to eating virtual doughnuts.

If you thought that a virtual office would be one of the less interesting VR experiences you would also be dead wrong. Job simulator happens to be one of the most popular VR team building programs. A large part of this fun program’s appeal is that the participants discover who from among their number actually gains the title of the best virtual employee.

6. The United Nations VR Experience

Whether your company operates in the social and none profit sectors or not, the United Nations VR Experience is guaranteed to deliver a team building experience with a clear social message. The program has been designed to help people grasp the realities of some of the pressing social issues that pass across their TV screens on a daily basis.

Uniting a team that has a shared awareness and increased understanding of the impacts and working solutions that are being applied to these issues can only be a good thing. While this VR experience will serve to educate teams to world issues, it also illustrates how people and organisations are continuing to work together to find solutions for them.

7. Arizona Sunshine

OK, so Arizona Sunshine looks more like a pure VR game version of the zombie apocalypse than a team building program. The whole premise of the experience is to test and gauge the survival skills of each member of the team. The theory behind the program is that the longer that you can survive the stronger you must be as a team player.
Whether your boss is prepared to see the value in it or to simply write it off as an excuse to play VR games during working hours, however, remains to be seen.


Our seven great ways to use VR in your team building efforts have provided a varied cross-section of ideas and there are many others out there too. The bottom line is, of course, that whatever value you place on team building exercises it really does do everyone good to get out of the office every once in a while, even if it’s only into the fascinating world of VR.

Why not speak to VRE and see how we can assist with hiring your next team building session.

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