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  • Just started back to the forum Katherine, so this may come too late for you. We have just started using Translate Press and on the whole are really pleased with it. We were using Qtranslate -X for ages which is great but not supported anymore so could disappear.


  • Have you “Googled” your vacation rental website lately?
    Few people will look past the first page, so if you end up at the bottom of the search results, you are most likely missing out on potential gue […]

  • Hello Phil,

    You can find full documentation for the plugin here


  • nomoresnow posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Hello Alan and Francis
    I have a terrible issue! There is a link on my calendar page that takes the person into the admin page. See the screen shot. I cannot find how to remove it! Yikes! Appreciate any help you can provide.
    • Only you can see this edit button. If you look at the page when you aren’t logged in it won’t be there
    • I built a website using Alan’ tutorials. My question ha to do with the client names in the simple calendar. Now the client names are visible to anyone scrolling over the calendar. What settings do I need so the names are visible only to me?




    • You may be wondering if you need to invest a lot of money into marketing and communication in order to achieve more visibility online. Well, that’s not always the case!
      Your website visibility is extremely i […]

    • I wish I could lol

      </br> is the equivalent of hitting return but I’ve no idea why that would affect the whole page

    • Thanks, Alan. That fixed it. Placing a single tag at the top of the page fixed all of them. Can you explain why?

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