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  • Peter Langer posted an update 1 day, 3 hours ago

    I am unable to add youtube videos to posts I am trying to create in VS. However, I have no problem adding the video to the add new posts tab through wordpress on my website. Any ideas why this might be happening?

  • The nice weather is almost here and for many owners, this is the peak season for their vacation rental business.
    But how can you take advantage of the climate and attract new tourists?
    It’s quite simple! By o […]

  • Thank you Francis and Alan;  I’ve played around with a practice post in the waiter plugin with Francis suggestion and IT worked.  Ah, why didn’t I reach out earlier to the community?  Instead, I kept trying different things and got more frustrated by the hour.  I appreciate what y’all do for us.

  • Tips & Education for Airbnb Hosts

    Deadline May 31, 2019.

    Want a $5000 smart bed for your Airbnb listing? ReST, creator of the world’s first ‘smart mattress’, asked us to help them GIVE AWAY 3 of their smart […]

  • For vacation rental owners and property managers who prefer first taking booking requests over instant bookings, there is one task that can make us all feel a bit awkward: declining inquiries. Whatever the reasons […]

  • Hi,

    There are several reasons why videos may not ‘play nice’. We are currently investigating a problem with videos displaying in the Soup, so your picture shows. This is our end, not yours, and when we have that fixed it should all be OK. The issue is related to a lazy loader we are using.

    I have just tested one using my preferred method. I will…[Read more]

  • Hello All;  I’m having issues with my video posts in VS.  I’m getting white or empty space underneath the video and then the post continues.  Why?  The video appears on my site o.k.

    Also, when posted to the Soup, the video does not appear, but the text for the youtube URL does.  Is this correct?  I then edit the post in the Soup & copy the text…[Read more]

  • Tips & Education for Airbnb Hosts

    Everyone wants to look professional when they are offering their services. When it comes to talking about themselves though, it is often that many people are at a loss and […]

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