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Vacation Rental Styling

A-List Inspiration (Spring Edition) – A Short-Term Rental with Bohemian Chic

Sometimes you look at someone and you realize they have “that thing.”

You can’t quite put your finger on it; they’re elusively beguiling, emit humble confidence, and turn every head in the room.

They’re the “It Girl/Guy.”

The same can be said about a house, or more specifically, a short-term rental house. It has “that thing,” that compelling quality that has people lined up to book it. It might not be the biggest house in the neighborhood or have the most widgets, but there’s something about it that has it winning over all the competition.

Enter Bohemian Chic on Rincon Point. If the name alone isn’t enough to get your attention, then take a look and prepare to get wowed!

vacation rental marketing

From the big blue fish, to cool coffee table books, to the furniture and accessories, everything is perfect about Bohemian Chic On Rincon Point!

It’s got that certain something, that “It House” vibe down to a tee.

As beguiling as it is, let’s break down the HOW of why it’s working and how you can do the same. It’s not as hard as it looks.

Here are three reasons why it’s at the top of the charts:

1. A Clear and Cohesive Design Concept

I talk about this in almost every blog post and will continue to do so because 99% of short-term rental owners do not have a design concept. Establishing one for your Airbnb is crucial to booking success. Period.

A design concept is a design blueprint – it sets the look and feel of your rental and directs all construction and purchasing decisions moving forward. Why is this so important? Because it assumes that your prospective guests are the laziest people on earth and are looking for a seamless, cohesively designed short-term rental with a clear message of “what an awesome place to spend my vacation!”

They don’t want to have to figure it out. The message should be loud and clear and translated by photos in an instant.

Your Airbnb’s look should be easy to understand and compelling and be so in every photo on your listing or website.

Here’s an example. Look at the living room in Rincon Point. What do the interiors tell us? We can see that

  • The bright white walls reflect the outdoor light so we can sense we are going to be happy here. Light equals happiness (yes, there’s research on this).
  • We can relax in this environment with the natural materials, slouchy (but elegant) leather sofas, and easy to access guitar, and books on the floor and shelves.
1 Chic Retreat features Rincon vacation rental

Elegantly natural materials dominate throughout along with playful objects.

Now let’s move to the previous photo on the listing site. We get the same aesthetic message, notably…

vacation rental furnishings

The propped mirror, abundant house plants, surf board, and happy dogs all contribute to a cohesive, “relaxed” feeling in the house.

  • Plants are abundant which instantly put people at ease (this is backed up by research).
  • A bohemian, global theme exemplified by natural materials and imported furniture from Africa and Asia.
  • Most of the materials are natural and look unfussy; therefore guests don’t have to worry about breaking things.
  • The surfboard and the foyer mirror are propped against the wall (although I’m sure the mirror is actually anchored to the wall for safety) giving off an instantly casual feel.

Last but not least, the concept does not just apply inside, but outside as well. The outdoor space includes pillows with southeast Asian motifs, several surfboards casually propped to evoke a laid-back vibe and a low to the ground seating surround that invites a legs up approach to hanging out.

vacation rental patio

Look at those pillows first of all, not to mention the orange and yellow surfboards, string lights above and u-shaped sofas. To top if off, the coffee table is staged with food to get your mouth watering.

None of Rincon Point’s look is accidental. It was planned out in a design concept, created to evoke the feel of the geographical location of the property – surf friendly, casual beach community – as well as the audience – people looking for an elegant, but unfussy, beach retreat.


2. A Supercharged Kitchen

One of the keys to success in the short-term rental business is that the better the reviews, the bigger the investment returns.

Substandard kitchens guarantee mediocre reviews at best, and horrible reviews at worst. Well-equipped kitchens, on the other hand, garner fantastic reviews, which in turn, increase both bookings and nightly rates. Ka-ching, ka-ching.

So here it is in a nutshell: the successful vacation rental kitchen should strive to be the kitchen guests wished they had at home, not the kitchen they have at home. And definitely, positively, absolutely not a worse kitchen than they have at home.

Ricon Point understands this concept in spades. Look at this baby…

vacation rental kitchen

The professional Chef’s kitchen includes a wet bar with ice machine and wine cooler, Viking appliances, and is fully stocked with all utensils and cooking appliances.

This photo tells guests a lot, namely that they are going to really enjoy themselves cooking in this kitchen. It looks like it has everything, including a place to make awesome cocktails, as seen below…

what to put in your vacation rental kitchen

Pre or post-beach cocktails anyone? A silver shaker, limes, oranges and some gorgeous cocktail glasses are all you need!

And let’s talk staging because that’s one of the prime reasons we think this kitchen is so great.

Did you know that when people look at images that suggest food or show actual food, their taste buds enliven and they are more desirous of what you are offering, which in turn, gets them to click the ‘Book’ button? This is all market research, folks, so you must stage your kitchen well. Not doing so is akin to forgetting to put the cream cheese frosting on the red velvet cake.

The well staged vacation rental kitchen is actually harder NOT to book than book. 

what to put in your vacation rental kitchen

If you need to know what guests want in your Airbnb kitchen, check out our Absolute Kitchen Essentials.
With over 500 hours of intensive research into what kinds of kitchen items guests seek while staying in short-term rentals, from barbecuing to baking, we’ve got the best product recommendations, with the best prices, in all categories.

3. Narrative in Every Space

Ever read the book Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug? The first four words of the title – Don’t make me think – is what he refers to as “the first law of usability.”

It’s the overriding principle – the ultimate tie-breaker when deciding whether a design works or it doesn’t. Think of it this way: When I’m looking at a page that doesn’t make me think, all the thought balloons over my head say things like, “Ok, there’s the ______. And that’s a _______. And there’s the thing that I want.”

Krug’s principle applies to more than web design; it perfectly describes narrative in the Airbnb and vacation rental scene as well. What I mean by this is:

What’s this vacation house about? A potential guest should only have to look at a few photos before they know effortlessly how they will spend time there.

This means two things have to happen:

  1. Design for use
  2. Stage all spaces so people imagine themselves using them and deriving pleasure from them.

For example, look at the family room in Rincon Point below. The sectional is curved around a round coffee table on which sit drinking glasses, a bowl of tidbits, and a game. And look over there in the corner. It’s a guitar! We don’t have to put our thinking cap on here because we know we can sit together intimately and share a drink, play a game, play the guitar and sing, or just hang out and talk in this room.

staging vacation rentals

We love a sectional in short-term rentals. Pair it with a coffee table and games and it’s even better.

And look at how guests can spend their time in the yard: pingpong and a hot tub!

airbnb furniture

What better way to spend a late afternoon after surfing – pingpong and a hot tub soak!

Movement, movement and more movement!

We are all for movement photos, meaning putting people in the photos. By this we mean unposed, natural shots. We prefer profiles and back of head shots so the people appear real but not up-front-and-personal. Why? We want guests to imagine that they are the people doing those fun things. Does that make sense?

In other words, you are this woman heading downstairs to the beach (or out to the pool or shopping, etc). What a life!

airbnb marketing

Movement means things are happening. Seeing the back of this guest with her flowy beach dress heading downstairs suggests she’s going somewhere fun. No thinking cap required. You are there right there with her!

The more potential guests can see how their time is spelled out for them, the easier it is for them to envision actually being there, so design and stage your Airbnbs and vacation rentals accordingly.

If you want more inspiration or want to rent the Bohemian Chic on Rincon Point house, click here for more information.

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