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Airbnb Releases 2018 Travel Trends

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Based on the bookings already made for the first half of 2018, Airbnb is forecasting another record year as more travelers book more homes and Experiences through the platform.

Here’s what we can expect to see in 2018.

Airbnb Travel Trends

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  • Big cities top the most-booked list.  Nothing surprising here as perennial global hotspots take the top stops on the most-booked list, but many smaller cities are seeing significant growth compared to 2017.
  • But smaller cities see significant growth. The top ten trending destinations are all seeing growth of 175% or more.  The top three trending are Gangneung (Korea), Edmonton (Canada), and Indianapolis (USA).
  • Travelers increasing seek to book non-traditional digs. Outside of typical residential homes, specialty spaces such as nature lodges, yurts, and RV’s are seeing 133%+ growth in demand.
  • More travelers are booking Experiences.  From Hollywood sign hikes and secret concerts to local flavors and libations, guests are increasing booking Experiences along with their stay.

To see the complete list of trends and predictions, go here.


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