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The Soup Is Now Live

Vacation Soup is now live and this short video show how it works in relation to your websites and blog posts  

Airbnb’s Bed-and-Breakfast Deal Highlights Its Bigger Ambitions in Accommodations

Expedia and Priceline, watch out. Airbnb is very obviously coming for you. Today, it's bed-and-breakfasts. Tomorrow, it'll be more boutique and independent hotels. -Deanna Ting

Is Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental on the Right Side of this Crucial 20%?

We are often asked by subscribers and clients this question: “Approximately how much will my vacation rental revenue increase if I invest in interior design?”…

This Is Where The Obamas Are Staying For Christmas

This Is Where The Obamas Are Staying For Christmas And we’re officially jealous. From the Huffington Post The Obamas arrived for their annual Christmas vacation in Kailua on Saturday, settling into the laid-back beach town on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. If you’re unfamiliar, the place is basically a paradise within a paradise. With crystal-clear water and some of the softest sand your feet will e...Read More

Airbnb Moves Into Corporate Travel Mainstream With Concur Integration

As Airbnb becomes bookable through the online booking tools of corporate travel management companies, its acceptance in corporate travel policies will likely rise as well.…