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Vacation Soup at The World Summit

Alan and Francis will be there, if you’re coming, let’s meet up! Alan will be delivering this year’s much anticipated Keynote address on Cultivating your Brand and Organic Bookings. “VRWS started as a simple idea in 2013: connecting the global VR Community – Hosts, Property Managers & Industry Pros – through an independent conference to help attendees understand what’s coming, how ...Read More

Resolved: Site Down / Timeout Issue

Latest Update: Issue Update:Posted On: Friday, 29-Jun-18 20:03:52 CDT Dear Customer, According to the Comcast twitter feed here outage should be resolved now. Best regards, The SiteGround Team   SiteGround are currently experiencing connection issues which affect all our sites (and many of yours too). Their notice says: Dear Customer, We were made aware of an ...Read More

What can we learn from “The Best Ad Of All Time”

That is quite a claim, the best advert ever? I am referring to a survey in the UK in 2016 (and every survey since). Those of us who are marketing and advertising our own Vacation Rental sites can learn some really vital lessons from it. Some of you have not seen this, and anyone that has will still play it because it is so very, very good., so turn the sound right up and see you in 90 seconds (or ...Read More

GDPR and you

It is the height of irony that a European law, intended to reduce spam, is now by far the biggest cause of spam! You will undoubtedly have received volumes of them, I personally have already cleared over 50. Why so many, and why you? What does this all mean? May 25th is the day the law comes into effect, and the maximum penalty for abusing personal data is roughly $4,000,000 (or 20% of turnover), ...Read More

How to hide bookings from HomeAway & VRBO

For those still also with one of the big listing sites, you have told us that they will penalise you if you take bookings on your own site, both with charges and by lowering your listing. According to consensus, the safest way (currently) is simply to block the dates off. This way the OTAs do not know that you have taken a booking as you do not have to put in any details about who is staying. The ...Read More

How to hold posts back from The Soup

We have just released Waiter 1.0.19, the Vacation Soup for VR Owners plugin, which includes the ability to stop inappropriate posts from being published to us. Please use this with caution. Property self-promotion posts are obviously not allowed in Vacation Soup to be fair to all owners, but they also do not work. Posting about the destination is the essence of matching what you talk about with wh...Read More

2nd yr free offer ends Sunday

Heads up… our ‘Sign up for a year, get a second year free’ special offer ends this Sunday. It’s only 50 cents a day if you take up this launch offer. Pay now and don’t pay again until 2020! Huge thanks to those of you that have signed up this week.

Easier Support Contact

We are trying a new Chat App to provide you with better support. Just click on the App at the bottom (if its showing) for faster answers to quick questions, if we aren’t online we will come back to you as soon as we are. if you think the Question will benefit the community it may be better to raise a topic of course.

Community 404 Links Fixed

We had some broken links building up in the Community due to a fault. I believe I have fixed the cause and have corrected all the links I have found. If you find a broken link (shows the infamous 404 error) in the Community (or any Vacation Soup site) please message me or raise a topic and we will get onto it pronto. F

Stability Issues Resolved

Our main datacenter was experiencing some reliability issues on 6th/7th March, with slow responses and two 15-minute outages. This affected the reliability and performance of Waiter (WordPress plugin) posts and We are pleased to say these have now been resolved, as well as extra horses that have been brought in to improve performance.

Beach Magazine Added

We have just added a beach magazine – Just add the hashtag beach (or beaches) to a post and that post will appear in the magazine.

Big Savings If You Sign Up For The Soup

Just a reminder… Those of you that would like to join vacation soup. The first 100 subscribers that sign up for a year, get the second year for free. You won’t need to pay again until 2020 PLUS, if you blog regularly, you’ll get half your money back. Your site will gain a LOT MORE EXPOSURE We would love it if you came aboard and joined us. You can sign up here Add Property

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