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Community 404 Links Fixed

We had some broken links building up in the Community due to a fault. I believe I have fixed the cause and have corrected all the links I have found. If you find a broken link (shows the infamous 404 error) in the Community (or any Vacation Soup site) please message me or raise a topic and we will get onto it pronto. F

Stability Issues Resolved

Our main datacenter was experiencing some reliability issues on 6th/7th March, with slow responses and two 15-minute outages. This affected the reliability and performance of Waiter (WordPress plugin) posts and We are pleased to say these have now been resolved, as well as extra horses that have been brought in to improve performance.

Beach Magazine Added

We have just added a beach magazine – Just add the hashtag beach (or beaches) to a post and that post will appear in the magazine.

Big Savings If You Sign Up For The Soup

Just a reminder… Those of you that would like to join vacation soup. The first 100 subscribers that sign up for a year, get the second year for free. You won’t need to pay again until 2020 PLUS, if you blog regularly, you’ll get half your money back. Your site will gain a LOT MORE EXPOSURE We would love it if you came aboard and joined us. You can sign up here Add Property

You can now add video

You can now add videos Simply add the url of the video into your post. This needs to be done in the visual tab (as opposed to the text tab). The url of the video needs to be on it’s own line of text.

Adding Your Articles To VS Topic Magazines

Here’s a short video that shows how to publish your articles into the relevant topic magazines. This is mainly for past posts and ‘write your own’ subject posts Please note that if you write using the trending topics this happens automatically