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Airbnb’s Partnership Strategy in Japan May Serve as Global Model

Airbnb's moves in Japan are smart for its future growth. But again we can't help but wonder: Why is the company so willing to fully…

Video: Airbnb’s European Boss on the Clash With Online Travel Giants

We wonder whether Airbnb's community spirit will survive its growth plans and impending IPO. -Patrick Whyte

Sexist Reviews on Airbnb in China Prompt Safety Concerns

While there's plenty to laud about Airbnb's host and guest reviews, it's a system that's fundamentally fraught with ways for bad actors to perpetuate sexism,…

Airbnb CEO Says Company Will Ready for IPO in 2019

Just as important as what was discussed on stage was what wasn't: an update on Airbnb Plus, the upcoming luxury brand, the new superguest loyalty…

Airbnb Nearly Merged With Chinese Rival Tujia in 2017

If we were Booking or HomeAway, we'd probably read this and see a big opportunity here. -Deanna Ting

What can we learn from “The Best Ad Of All Time”

That is quite a claim, the best advert ever? I am referring to a survey in the UK in 2016 (and every survey since). Those of us who are marketing and advertising our own Vacation Rental sites can learn some really vital lessons from it. Some of you have not seen this, and anyone that has will still play it because it is so very, very good., so turn the sound right up and see you in 90 seconds (or ...Read More

Hotel CEOs’ Views on Homesharing Evolve Even as Industry Remains Critical

Now that AccorHotels, Hyatt, and Marriott have started getting into homesharing, what does that mean for the hotel industry's crusade against it? Can AH&LA continue…

Norway Backs Limits on Airbnb for the Good of the Neighbors

Why should Norway be different than any place else? The government wants to ensure that neighborhoods don't get disrupted and that professionals don't nab the…

New Report Alleges Airbnb Raised New Yorkers’ Rent by $616 Million

The truth is that rising rents and a lack of affordable housing in any city is never the result of one single factor, and blaming…

Marriott Vacations Snaps Up ILG for $4.7 Billion

Marriott Vacations saw an opportunity as ILG faced activist pressure to find a partner. The result: A $4.7 billion acquisition announced Monday by Marriott. For…

Airbnb Won’t Launch Flights Anytime Soon

Can Airbnb become a superbrand of travel, as it has stated as a goal? Probably not without launching flights. On the other hand, has…

Choice Hotels Expands Its Vacation Rental Portfolio with Listings from RedAwning

Just like everyone wants a piece of the tours and activities industry right now, everyone in hospitality wants a cut of the vacation rental business,…

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