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Airbnb’s Deal for French Firm Could Signal Entry Into Property Management

To be honest, this acquisition is a bit puzzling, and has us wondering: Why buy when you can partner instead? But perhaps Airbnb is onto…

Airbnb, HomeAway and Others Form International Vacation Rental Group in Japan

The big vacation rental players have formed an association in Japan, with the blessing of the Japan Tourism Agency. It may be a model for…

Airbnb and Major Landlord Settle Lawsuit Over Subletting Violations

The Miami settlement could have broader implications for Airbnb when other big landlords take it to task for hosts violating their apartment leases. And, it…

Airbnb Automates Tax Reporting for Hosts in Tech-Savvy Estonia

Airbnb's quest to settle knotty taxation issues around the world continues apace as the company gears up to go public. -Andrew Sheivachman

Expedia to Hoteliers: Vacation Rentals Won’t Steal Your Business

Expedia officials can try to assure hoteliers that the rise of alternative accommodations is no big deal for their businesses. But you can be certain…

Selina Receives $150 Million for Millennial-Friendly Hospitality

Until recently, Selina has been a glorified hostel operator. Its ambition to provide work-life balance to millennials who travel internationally has been more of a…

8 Secrets To Boost Your Airbnb Ranking as a Host

Are you looking forward to improving your Airbnb ranking as a Host? If so, I have to let your know that Airbnb’s search engine works a…

Airbnb Touts One of Its Most Valuable Assets as It Prepares for IPO

Combatting host fatigue is a very real thing, but it'll probably take a lot more than this from Airbnb to make sure those Superhosts remain…

Airbnb Drops Proposed Tax Collection Deal With Mexico

Airbnb may have another crack at a deal with Mexico's new administration, but it's unclear whether a new attempt would be successful. -Dan Peltier

Airbnb Hires Amazon Veteran as New Chief Financial Officer

The Amazonification of Airbnb continues, as talk of an initial public offering heats up. -Deanna Ting

Airbnb West Bank Boycott Draws Ire of Israel’s Government

Israel's priorities in the West Bank run counter to what's best for the region's tourism industry. For its part, Airbnb is listening to advice that…

Developers Head to Vacation Beach Towns Despite Hurricane Harvey Fallout

On the Texas coast, Port Aransas has a significant drive-in market and its tourism board has been laser-focused on putting Hurricane Harvey behind it. Tourism…