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Hi Francis,
Thank you for your warm welcome! Here’s my biggest problem: The WordPress website I have does not allow plugins. I guess I got the wrong kind of site. I’m thinking I am going to now have to get a second website with WordPress, one that allows plugins and do yet another vacation site, and let my other one expire that is on WordPress now. Would you recommend this is the way that I go?

I really want to be able to use your plug-in, I’ve already built my own WordPress site with plug-ins for my other business so I would have no problem setting all that up, it’s just a pain to have to do it again and to have to pay for a third website but I’m willing to do it if that’s what I need to do unless you have other ideas!


Rebecca – P.S. Whether I am on Visual or Text I see </div>
<div dir=”auto”></div>
<div dir=”auto”> all throughout the text!!