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Reply To: where do we go after trello?

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website where do we go after trello? Reply To: where do we go after trello?

Clare Cambridge

Hi Alan,  sorry if I’m being thick, I’m not really very techy,  please could you explain, from the trello video’s, once we have entered all the details for the month for the blogs, do we then manually copy and past from trello to the plug in each day, I thought there was something that was going to come after that was going to do it automatically.   It’s just a question, posting manually is fine, I want to check I’m not missing anything. 🙂

After the trello video’s are there any further video’s – during them there was mention on posting to facebook etc and a way of it all happening automatically, are there video’s for these things, please could you point me in the right direction.  Or is that the end of the course (I need as much help as I can get lol)

Clare 🙂