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While I slept, lines 57 through 59 in my deactivated speed booster pack code were changed (you can find these sorts of notifications in the WordFence plugin, which everyone should be using). This is not totally uncommon to see a few lines of code in a plugin change without warning or updating, but it is not the norm. These changes appear to address the areas I suspected were causing the issue. However, since our site does not seem to be running any slower with Speed Booster Pack disabled, I’m going to continue to leave it disabled for now. I will test it once there is a formal upgrade that specifically states it covers the offending issues (a bug-fix). The plugin I’m more anxious to see updated is WS Total Cache – not everyone has been using that, but it also needed to be deactivated to fix the problems.  These problems included the frozen slider, failure to display galleries, failure to display testimonials and a bug in the simple booking calendar that kept it from being advanced.  All are working correctly now that speed booster pack and WS Total Cache are deactivated.