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Rob G

I have had a problem with wp simple booking calendar. I understand that it only gives you one free calendar, but when I try to add a calendar there is no Add calendar button like they show in their video. Also they lowered their price of the premium version (linda gonzalez) to $30 which I might consider-I thought $60 was pretty steep.
I tried uninstalling and re installing the plug in, but no change. If the free version doesn’t work-I a bit leery of buying the paid version. As a workaround for now, I just expanded my tablepress column to include a reserved or available column. if you want to look.
Not sure I like the solution as I don’t rally want another third party involved in the payments
(whether its free or not). A simple availability calendar would be great and I would add my own paypal button
for online payments-or just invoice individually. Instant booking is fine and all but is it really that much trouble to send and email?