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Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website where do we go after trello? Reply To: where do we go after trello?

Clare Cambridge

I copy and paste from trello into wordpress,  I think there is a slight confusion, once you have finished the trello videos, because during them, there are quite a few mentions of “don’t worry we will come back  to that” or “there will be another separate video for this so don’t worry” and then once you get to the end, there doesn’t seem to actually be anything “which goes back to that”  (anyone who has just completed the videos will no exactly what I mean)  the problem for me having not done anything like this before, I have literally hung on every word that Alan has said in the video’s.  Now I’m experimenting myself, searching the other video’s for things I need and going back to type up my notes, as I’ve found it’s easy to forgot something you’ve only done once, so will help with my website improvements.