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Hi Susan,

Your posts in St John are not showing because the location (latitude and longitude) are incorrect, they are set to 18.3 and 64.7, somewhere in the Arabian Sea. Calabash Cottages should be roughly 18.329914, -64.708898 (note the -ve).
This is a very common error as copy and paste often does not copy the -ve sign.
In your waiter, please navigate to Vacation Soup / Destination tab and enter the correct latitude and longitude. This acts as the default for all new posts, although you can set a specific latitude/longitude for each post. I will change your 38 posts to the location of Calabash now, however if you want to specifically position some of your posts, please edit them and it will update the soup automatically.
Please note, if you edit a previous post you *must* set the latitude & longitude for it, or it will move back to the Arabian Sea.