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[This is a copy of a reply to a duplicate issue in another topic]

NB: Contains Very Technical details for Admin/Technicians to get around errors

Our first installer, as you have worked out, is a replace-whole-site installer that tries really hard to make sure it does not trash an existing real site and is therefore prone to fall over and die like that for safety. As an aside, as soon as we have the time or volunteers this process should be changed to a Theme, as that would work on any hosting platform and would get away with these issues.

To get you going as a I revisit a longer term solution, here are some links to public repos:

The Installer

Checks that it is not an existing live site and overwrites it with the archived complete Soup Stock.

The Stock

This is the complete stock that replaces your live site (which can then be unpacked and examined)

Raw SQL (relative path in The unpacked Stock) wp-content/plugins/soup-release-master/current/stock.sql

This is the pre-localised SQL. We carry out the following on the SQL which you will need to do as well as changing to your preferred locale):

  1. The only file kept from the old WP installation is wp-config.php. We take the pre-existing wp-config (for salts etc) and set the $table_prefix to vsoup_ (here). I know this is not the SQL but it is relevant.
  2. We replace every occurrence of ‘’ with your domain (here). Please note the schema has to be https.