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Clare Cambridge

I contacted siteground and the very helpful lady sorted it for me.  I also ask how to do this myself if there was a problem in the future, apparently there had been an update (or something) and some peoples didn’t renew automatically.  For anyone want to do it themselves, instructions below.

Log into site ground, click on my account, click on cpanel, go down the page to security, click on lets encrypt – there should be an alert tell you to renew/update, not sure what it would say, as the lady did it for me before I had chance to see.  Then before checking your website again, clear your history and caches (not sure about how to clear caches) but I cleared my history on google for that day and after everything was find  Phew.     Bye the way if you ring site ground they need your pin (which I didn’t know where to find it) it’s automatically generated when you set up (I think) you have to click on my details to get that.