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Hi Francis,

How are you doing? Hope this message finds you well.

Finally I got time to get started with Vacationsoup, taking advantage of some summer semi-free time ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am encountering the same issue as Laura, with the following error message:
<h1>”Vacation Soup Stock Installation Failed</h1>
The only active plugins must be Vacation Soup Stock and the SiteGround defaults of Jetpack and SG Optimizer. If your hosting provider automatically installs a plugin on a new installation, it must be deactivated.”

I installed Soup Stock on a fresh WP installation on a subdomain ( I specifically created in Siteground to develop the website that will substitute the website in the main domain, once it is developed. Did not install any plugins or anything, apart from the SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

Now I cannot even access the WP admin dashboard, as I get the “Installation Failed” error message…

Would you be so kind to indicate me how to proceed?

Thanks in advance!