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Accidently deleted a whole section in the gallery photo section.

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website Accidently deleted a whole section in the gallery photo section.

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    Clare Cambridge

    I’m 3/4 complete but I accidentally deleted the exterior section where the gallery of pictures show.  I managed to get the text back and can now only show one picture, which is very large.  I’ve tried and tried to copy / duplicate the section, but the columns are missing.  In the other sections (interior and destination galleries) there are 3 columns.  It just doesn’t look right now.

    This is the second time I’ve posted I’ve only just realised I originally posted in the wrong place.  Thanks Clare

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    Drag some columns in from the Elementor panel. Then drag an image into the columns. add more columns as required. You can also set borders around the columns from the settings of the columns if you wish.


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    Clare Cambridge

    Thanks Richard appreciate your reply, but I want it to look the same as the other sections.  I was thinking about duplicating the interior section and then changing the text to say exterior, but there are page links in each section (sorry don’t know the technical words) ie if you I duplicated the interior section and changed the wording to exterior, it would still take you to the interior photos.  I am right or have I got that wrong, I don’t want to mess anything else up as I’m getting on really well now and have just completed my calendar.

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    alan egan

    That’s right Clare,

    Duplicate the section, change the interior to exterior, click on the anchor widget (sort of hidden above the new gallery) and change the # in the edit box on the left to #exterior and save

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    Linda Gonzalez

    I am not following how you “duplicate” a section?

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    Clare Cambridge

    Hi Linda  Hover over the section you want to duplicate, at the top of the section in the middle so icons come up, hover over each one and it will tell you what it does, ie edit section, duplicate sections, add sections, save or remove section.

    Hope that helps

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