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'Adding a Property' After Already Creating a Website

Home Forums The Soup 'Adding a Property' After Already Creating a Website

This topic contains 5 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by  Rob G 10 months ago.

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    I used the tutorial thru VS and created an almost complete website.

    However, now that I have subscribed to Vacation Soup it looks like I need to Add my Property and input all the details. Is there a way to bypass this and just note the new website?

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    Hi….I was thinking once I signed up for VS, my property would be automatically added also, but you do have to go through and complete all the information regarding your property.

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    alan egan

    You need to add your property manually but it only takes a few minutes

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    Rob G

    I have added our 2 properties to the Soup. Still awaiting approval which I understand may take some time.
    For now when I surf to Vacation Soup and search for Cape Cod, or Yarmouth, MA for properties nearby I get
    one in Falmouth (1 hour away but at least on cape cod) and all of Marias wicked Awesome Maine rentals – nice but Seven hours from Cape Cod.)
    I have downloaded the Waiter plugin, and have two blog entries besides the welcome entry. (and will do more)
    but I am a loss as to what my next best steps are? I know of two other cape codders who did websites using your course- and Wellfleetlife seems to be blogging and it looks like they have joined the soup? When I search the Soup for Brewster Ma I get the Falmouth Property again, marias listings and a hampton beach listing. Just wondering how it all works here? What do I need to do next? Blog entries?
    Note: I just reread the forum rules-not sure I understand them all, so kindly delete whatever is needed and
    let me know so I will know.
    One of the reasons I keep searching for Cape Cod is also to see other examples of websites created using your course. I watched your 2 properties videos and used the Pike Point Site and Maria’s Maine Site for layout idea.
    My site is still incomplete-guests revies section, beach guide, SEO, the calendar problem, probably has typos, but I had to go live and will keep fixing it. Rob

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    alan egan

    Hi Rob,

    I’ve pushed your properties live – Regarding the property search – Francis is still looking at this – Long story short, we have 2 map plugins and they are having a bit of a bun fight. Maps and search/display are very tricky as some destinations require a small radius (Cape Cod) while others need a large radius (Caribbean). We are working on solving this.

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    Rob G

    Thank you Alan for the push.  You and your team will solve it and I will keep working on my end.  I figured out the SEO (search engine optimization everyone) somewhat – making those lights green, now its a matter of plodding away step by step.  Alt text for photos,  key words, meta descriptions.  Demand for rentals on Cape Cod is very strong-I could almost do nothing and succeed. I will keep taking action.   Your honest answer was appreciated.  I know you are committed.d



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