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Adding video to a post

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    Hi, I’m looking for assistance when posting a blog in the soup – I’ve added a video that shows up on my website (see – our local guide) but it isn’t showing in the soup. I posted this on January 14th. I added the video by using the instructions from one of Alan’s videos re. embedding when using a youtube video. Thank You, Nancy


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    alan egan

    Simply add the url of the video to your post. Don’t use the embed code.

    This needs to be done in the visual tab (as opposed to the text tab).

    The url of the video needs to be on its own line of text.

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    Thank You Alan!  Adding the URL of the video on it’s own line of text worked beautifully!


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    Hmm, I tried adding a video post this way last week. Thought it went in OK, but does not show in VS now. Still shows on my web page and in the left side column of VS plugin, but the image is grayed out. Post is “Stay a little longer”


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    alan egan

    Can you send me a link to the post please

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    Stay A Little Longer! Kanab, Southern Utah


    Zion National Park

    Desert Bighorn Sheep in Zion National Park

    I have 5 posts but only 2 show in VS. I also have 2 properties, but only one shows…..

    The Western Star Bungalow shows, but The Star Garage does not

    Thanks for the help!

    PS, One other question – What size photos do you recommend for blog posts?

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