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Again photos, copyright and Creative Commons

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    I posted this issue a few weeks ago but I didn’t receive any comments, so I propose it again to see if someone has now any advice .

    Grazie in ogni caso al gruppo !      : ) : )



    Doing the first posts for the Soup, and also working on my Facebook page, I found that quite often the best photos had some limits of copyright . The problem exist expecially when you look for a place that is  not so famous or not so photographed; for example it was very easy to find some beautiful photos about Sicily,  but when it comes to look for a photo of – let’s say – a little beach near Palermo ( Mondello ) I didn’t find so much . So I wonder what is the correct way to use photos with some limits to their use. In Flick-r I found excellent photos  ruled by “Creative Commons”; the rule to follow was to mention the author and to link the page. I like Pixabay but I would like also some alternatives!

    Did you deal with the same problem and found better solutions? Do you think I used creative commons in the right way? I’d really like to collect and share information about this issue.

    Here is the link to my post if you want to take a look:

    Thank you for your help !!

    P.S. I think a similar issue could be the use of small parts of a guide etc. English is not my mother tongue and so it’s sometimes necessary for me to grab little pieces written in a good English.

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    alan egan

    This is always tricky. I recommend that you take your own photos where possible.

    I have an account with and I buy photos there (around 1 or 2 dollars each. There are other stock photo sites.

    Also, have a look here

    and here


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    Remi Thackrey


    It is not a good idea to copy and paste text directly, this is likely to get you into trouble at some point. I very often use an online translation tool for some of the writing I do. is one of the most accurate ones I have found and allows you to change most words. Spero che questo aiuti!

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    thank you to Alan and Remi  for their suggestions! I will be very happy to receive other suggestions or ideas !

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