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Credit Card Compliance Questions

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    I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question. However, I will try anyway.

    After working thru the wonderful tutorials from Alan I have created my website and am using Owner Rez to help me with making my quotes and bookings etc (still not sure how they all work together). See

    When I made arrangements for the credit card payments to go thru Costco’s Converge gateway, they sent me an email saying I had to do a number of things to be in compliance. Chris with Owner Rez has helped me with a few but I thought I would see if anyone knew how to do or answer the others:

    1. Privacy Policy has to be on my site. Converge suggested I use the website to create one. One of the questions is if my website has ‘cookies’. I have NO idea.
    2. Where should I put the Privacy Policy on my site?
    3. Return and/or Refund policy must be clearly stated and appear in the series of pages to checkout and not a linked page, or as an acceptance at checkout. Not sure where that should go either?
    4. Address and Country for customer correspondence for my business must be clearly posted on my site. Any recommendations?

    Thank you for any help.


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