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Default image missing?

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This topic contains 3 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Francis Wallinger 1 year, 4 months ago.

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    Hi, I used the plugin for a post this evening, recommending Avenue M, a restaurant in Asheville near our VR.

    It showed up fine in Our Asheville Guide on our website, but apparently lost the image on the way to the VacationSoup site (though I was happy to see that it syndicated its way on over there!).

    I’m not sure if I messed up when I put an image in the plugin, and if I added it later by editing under Posts. (Learning. But still fraught with trial and error).


    thanks, Cindy

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    Hi, Cindy:  I have posted twice since VS launched. Neither post included the youtube video that was with my post. Like you, it shows up fine on my site, but gets lost on the way to VS…Alan said he is going to talk to Francis about this. Hoping to get this resolved before I post again.

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      Hi Meta,

      Wordpress is stripping out the YouTube link, I am investigating a fix and will tell you how to resynch a single post here separately. Just so you are aware, any changes, adding pictures, changing text, date etc and even trashing the post are all replicated on the soup.Unless we make a mistake, like this.


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    Susan Walker

    I am unable to use the plugin for posting at the moment but posted direct on WP not knowing it was syndicating. As often happens I had to update the post and I see it’s gone through to the soup about 6 time, with no featured image, which it did have on posting.

    I think the problem come from my use of Qtranslate-X as the post goes out on 4 tabs.


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