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This topic contains 10 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by  Francis Wallinger 11 months ago.

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    Rae-Marie May

    I went to the Hawaii Destination Magazine and found my property but I am missing the View Details button that takes potential guests directly to my website.  If I click on my property it has the Vacation Soup information but no link to my own website.

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    alan egan

    Have you added the link to your website?

    Adding Your Property To Vacation Soup

  • #6295

    Rae-Marie May

    Yes, I have.

  • #6296

    Rae-Marie May

    I take that back.  It was in my profile but not in my property profile for some reason.  Will make that correction now.

  • #6391

    Can we have What to Do magazine for “Best Beaches”

  • #6399

    alan egan

    I’ll add one tomorrow Don

  • #6573

    How does one tailor their posts to be included in this particular magazine? Do we just mention the word ‘beach’ in our titles or content? or does it have to have a tag?

    Thanks! Laurie

  • #6588

    Rae-Marie May

    My guess is you tag your blog with #beach, but I don’t know for sure.  Rae-Marie

  • #6594

    alan egan

    If you look at the top of the community homepage in the updates section you will see a video and a beech magazine update that cover this subject.

    It’s important to keep an eye on the updates section

  • #6895
    1. On the vacationsoup website, the link  from travel tips to what-to-see appears to be broken.

    2. When logging onto any of the pages under travel tips I see that, for example, a page is at “what-to-see”, whereas I was putting “whattosee” as the tag on my blog?  does it matter or which should I use?

    • #6911

      Morning Don,

      1. Thank you for alerting us to that, we have fixed it now
      2. The tag whattosee is the correct and recommended tag for inclusion in that magazine.

      The new Waiter (in final Beta testing) includes much improved Magazine selection amongst many other features. If it passes beta testing we plan to release it by Monday.


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