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    alan egan

    Here’s a video about email signatures that I made some time ago.

    This is a very simple (and free) way to improve your branding and look more professional. It only takes 10 minutes to set up.

    You can find the chrome extension here
    You can find more video help on Wisestamp here on their Youtube channel

    Please share your signatures below to show off your work

    Happy branding

    Here’s how my signature looks…

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    Clare Cambridge

    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>Mine below, I actually already had one set up, but didn’t have the icons or the picture.  There are more spaces on here (in between the lines) but it’s nice and compact on my email signature.  Thank you Alan.</p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>Regards</p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”></p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>Clare Cambridge</p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>Phone         07884236788</p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>Email:</p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>Website: – This website is full of useful information and links to local restaurants, pubs, walks, events, “what’s on”  – read all the latest information in “our bristol guide”</p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>Address      Bury Hill Farm, Cuckoo Lane, Winterbourne Down, Bristol  BS36 1AG</p>
    <p class=”yiv9822390670MsoNormal”>facebook-icon       google-plus-icon     email-icon</p>

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    Clare Cambridge

    Opps I don’t think it liked my pasting above, you can delete if you want Alan.

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    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>I note I have to re load page every time I move from Home page to Forum.</span> Thanks for that Alan. Wise Stamp I spent quite some time playing with it but because we have 2 different types of guests therefore one label signature was not good for all . Yes, I have 3 different gmail accounts which lets me see which website gets the most response. Also I hated the link it put on every email because I was not paying, which is fair enough.So I went to gmail settings and went to signature and made this ( see pic below)  links to different websites that could go onto all my emails but also I gave a Whats App link that is brill.. Then I used a free software to create 2 specific labels with icons pertinent to fishing the other pertinent to just a relaxing holiday, which I keep in a folder on imac desktop handy. It does make my emails look more proffesional and it gives out plenty of information. If I dont want them to have the info simply delete from said email. Feeling chuffed . Looking forward to more tips … but will now start on those fab headers for FaceBook. But but but and but again really this time should really be about me creating a Waiter blog . I have all the ideas in my head but cant put them on paper. Anyway this is what I made re signatures but in reality the links are live but to show it off its a picture .      

    This second label out to a fishing enquiry…


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    alan egan

    Nice work Jenny,

    Thanks for sharing your reasons and methods. One size doesn’t fit all so it’s good to have alternatives

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    Hi i use Windows Live Mail how do i link it to that ? Thank you. Hayley


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    I tried to do a year ago and it did not work, I do not know what I did wrong. Therefore, I found what can be done using the site But now I want to try again as you did, I hope I will turn out.

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