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Error Installing Soup Stock

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website Error Installing Soup Stock

This topic contains 15 replies, has 7 voices, and was last updated by  Francis Wallinger 4 months ago.

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    I first raised an issue I was having back in December about installing the plug in on Godaddy. Before the holidays I asked if could just get the files and download them to my website and was told to wait until after the holidays for help. I updated my topic on January 29th but have not heard anything. I was hoping to get some help to move forward.

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    Hi Pam,

    The free website template is only currently available on SiteGround.

    We did try to help initial users using GoDaddy and other providers, unfortunately each time costing significant effort. As a result we had to stop supporting other hosting vendors in order to focus on the Soup itself, and SiteGround have helped by reducing the fee to £2.75/month.

    In a few months we hope to be able to create a Theme based install (which could be done on any hosting provider), however with such an insignificant price for SiteGround, that is the best option for our users.


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    Unfortunately I have a 3 year subscription to Godaddy. Alan indicated at the end of last year that he would help me get up on Godaddy after the New Year and I have waited all this time. I don’t really have a problem with getting started with Siteground if I can then just download all my files and then upload them on Godaddy but don’t know if this is possible? In my last communique to Alan I asked if there is an FTP site that I can access to just download the sample site. Is this possible? If I build my own site can I use this on Vacation Soup? What is the fee in US dollars for Siteground and do I need some type of promotion code?

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      alan egan

      Once you create your new site with Siteground you can easily transfer the entire site to Godaddy if you wish. Siteground will help you do this.

      If you use this link you will see the price in Dollars


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    Experiencing same problem.

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      alan egan

      Hello Jim,

      Are you hosting with Siteground?

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    Since I started following this site I have received several emails noting new plug-ins. Which plug in do I use to get started at this point??

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    alan egan

    That’s all covered in this video Pam,

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    I am sorry I am new to this forum and not sure how to use it.  I asked this questions yesterday in this forum, but did not get an answer. I am trying to install and it come back an an error.  This is the error it give me.

    I am up loading vacation soup stock installation and get this error message.

    Vacation Soup Stock Installation Failed

    The only active plugins must be Vacation Soup Stock and the SiteGround defaults of Jetpack and SG Optimizer. If your hosting provider automatically installs a plugin on a new installation, it must be deactivated.

    I started the old website but have decided to to the new and easier website. This might have something to do with it. Thank You  Laura

    Hope I am asking this questions Where I should be and sorry if I am not. Always something new to learn.


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    Hi Laura,

    The installer ‘’ must only be installed on a fresh, empty new WordPress installation, I am sorry if this was not clear. The reason is that the installer completely removes and replaces the existing WordPress, and you would not want it to replace an existing good website by accident.

    SiteGround will help you create a completely fresh install of WordPress if you need it, and then the installer will take over.

    I realise the use of the term ‘plugin’ is very confusing, as we have other plugins (such as the Waiter). We will try to stick to the term ‘installer’ when referring to the ‘’ plugin that you use to install your new website, and we will be more explicit when referring to the Waiter plugin. I hope this helps.


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    Hi Francis,

    How are you doing? Hope this message finds you well.

    Finally I got time to get started with Vacationsoup, taking advantage of some summer semi-free time 😉

    I am encountering the same issue as Laura, with the following error message:
    <h1>”Vacation Soup Stock Installation Failed</h1>
    The only active plugins must be Vacation Soup Stock and the SiteGround defaults of Jetpack and SG Optimizer. If your hosting provider automatically installs a plugin on a new installation, it must be deactivated.”

    I installed Soup Stock on a fresh WP installation on a subdomain ( I specifically created in Siteground to develop the website that will substitute the website in the main domain, once it is developed. Did not install any plugins or anything, apart from the SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

    Now I cannot even access the WP admin dashboard, as I get the “Installation Failed” error message…

    Would you be so kind to indicate me how to proceed?

    Thanks in advance!




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    Hi Francis,

    I tried again and worked. Eliminated WP installation on the subdomain, installed it again, and this time there was no error. I still do not see any difference from the first attempt…

    Kind regards,



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      Hi Miguel,

      It has been so long site we talked. I am great thanks, finally (almost) completed my move to Bornholm, hence why I have been away from work for a long time. – but what is this free time you speak of? Can I have some?

      I do not now what went wrong, but I am delighted it is now right!

      Now that I am back I The Soup, I will be in contact with you soon to discuss the community ideas we had.

      Will you be coming to Lake Como?


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    <div>Hi Francis,</div>
    <div>Yes, long time. I keep good memories of our meeting in Florence. I would love to come to Como, but I might have a Family calendar conflict and this time I will only know on the last minute.</div>
    <div>Moved to Bornholm? Nice one! I bet you will enjoy at least one great person as a neighbour! And there’s also the famous round churches ;-)</div>
    <div>Looking forward to hear all ideas you had!</div>

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    I already have siteground hosting.  Is there a way to get the zip file for the theme?


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      The Soup Stock (the .zip file you refer to) is not currently a theme, it is a complete WordPress installation. It can only be installed on an empty WordPress site.

      If you create a new subdomain on your existing site (such as, you can install (a new) WordPress there, then follow the instructions in

      When you are ready to take the new site live, you can ask SiteGround to point at the new site.

      NB: The new site *must* be https (use the letsencypt link, or SG will help you)

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