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Error message on my site when i try to access admin/dashboard/etc functions

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website Error message on my site when i try to access admin/dashboard/etc functions

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      I’m ready to add an edited photo header with text. When I try to access the dashboard I am getting an error message “vacation soup stock installation failed”. “vacation soup stock installer was already run. Installed version from date, time. UTC 2017. I did have trouble installing it initially and I may have caused myself problems trying it twice.  Are there any troubleshooting steps you recommend? I can’t move forward until I can access the tools on my site to build content without seeing this error. Thanks in advance for your help!

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      Are you able to access the WP Dashboard? If you are, please can you deactivate and remove the plugin named Vacation Soup Stock Installer. This should have happened automatically, and we will investigate why it didn’t.

      If you can not get into the wp-admin screen at all, then cPanel is your friend. What you (or your technician) will need to do is remove the plugin using the file manager. Navigate to the folder wp-content/plugins and remove the folder soup-stock-release.

      Could you please expand on the problems you had installing it. We want this journey to be as smooth as possible, if you had any problems, we would like to eliminate them. Could you also confirm that you are on siteGround?

      Thanks in advance,


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      Hi Francis, I’m such a tech rookie. I troed to respond to your note via email. I’m learning.

      Thank you! I wasn’t able to see the dashboard so I used the Cpanel instructions. It worked! I think the problem with the error message may have stemmed from my original intallation of the stock. It appeared to have failed on the first try so I tried it again. That may have created another problem for me.

      Thank you so much for your direction. I very inexperienced at this tech stuff so I’m feeling very proud that I was able to follow your instructions 🙂

      As of today, I’ve added the header photo with text successfully and attempted to add the slider photos. Now I’m getting the error “HTTP error” when I try to pull the photos in for the slider. I used Pixlr to edit them to the size before trying to add them. It appears I’m going to be your “problem child.”  Thanks for your help. I know you’re extremely busy! Alan tells me he’s locked you in a room with your computer! Any advice you can provide on issue #2 will be much appreciated!

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      Avataralan egan

      I’ll try to help.

      Can you email me your domain name and WordPress login details and I will see what I can do. My mail is

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      I emailed you. Thanks Alan!!

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      We were able to register our domain name and get to installing the plugin.  When I transfer the plugin folder and click install, I receive a message that it wonʻt open in Safari. I have searched for the zip file and I see all the docs, but cannot figure out how to get the plug in to install.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Our domain name is  I can email you our wordpress login details.

      Thank you!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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