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    don amesbury

    Just recently I have having a new problem.  Example: I was in wordpress dashboard at Vacation soup and I click on any of the menu items such as create, owner and I get an error message:

    I have had the same message come up using chrome  and on safari. I have gone to history on both browsers and cleared everything, but the message persists. I just tried to go to dashboard-bookings and got similar message.
    Any ideas please?
    Also on the recent release of waiter 1.0.16 there is amessage about Wordfence and the need to “whitelist” something? I dont know if this relates to my “error” problem, but I dont know what whitelisting is or means. Please explain?

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    Hi Don,

    This is a Chrome-specific error that happened after they introduced lots of go-faster stripes, and then found security holes. It is covered quite well in this article.


    Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome, and have flushed your cache. This should clear it.


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