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Facebook Video Headers

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    alan egan
    Building Your Brand – 15-minute improvements…
    Last weekend I shared the email signature builder.
    This weekend I’m sharing a Facebook video header builder. A couple of weeks ago I built video headers for our FB pages and they have really made our FB pages look way more professional and they send a stronger message,
    They make the page pop, send a better message and include a call to action.
    Here’s one that I created
    These are free to make. Just head over to and get those creative juices flowing.
    I used the option but there are many other designs that are free (some are paid options).
    The first one took me 30 – 40 minutes to make, the others took me 10 minutes to make as I knew my way around the second and third times. You can use your own images or stock images.
    They have a Youtube channel with instructions here
    This is time well spent.
    Please add links to your FB pages once you have added videos so we can see your work
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    alan egan

    Dan O’Connor Created this header via the Makermoon post

    He sadi…. Thanks Alan Egan, I played around with it and made one for my FB site. Not bad for 15 minutes of tooling around:

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    Did you both use a paid version to remove the watermark? Thanks in advance.


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    Actually, I see now that you can reposition the video where it cuts off the watermark. Got it!

    Thanks Alan and Francis for this great tip.

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    alan egan

    Love your video Laurie.

    Like you, we used the free version

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    Can someone give a tip how they resized to get rid of the watermark. Didn’t seem obvious in the resize section?



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    alan egan

    Hi Richard, I didn’t is the answer – I just doesn’t show as it’s below the FB header window

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    Peter Langer

    Here’s our Facebook header.  Thank you so much Alan.  Also thanks to Laurie since I borrowed some of your verbage.


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      alan egan

      That’s very nice Peter – Lovely photos as always

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