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    Rae-Marie May

    When I create a post in Vacation Soup the first photo becomes my feature photo.  When it is published in the tab, “Our Local Guide” the photo shows only a part of the picture, many times cutting off the person’s head.  The post itself has the full photo, but is there a way to move the photo so that when it shows up in Our Local Guide it is centered on the part that shows.  Here is an example:

    In addition when I posted yesterday I got the error message again. I chose to whitelist the process and then it went through. I hope that was okay.

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    Hi Rae-Marie,

    On the Photos I will check with Alan what our recommendation is. As we have to force the photo into a fixed aspect ratio (width/height) to display with all the others photos, I suspect the best solution is for us to provide a guide on how your photos will show for various dimensions, so you can pick (or crop) photos so they look their best. We will come bak to you.

    As for the error message, if that was Wordfence (which I assume from the whitelisting you did) then yes, that is OK if it was Vacation Soup that caused the error. Unfortunately Wordfence does not tell you where the error occurred, but if it happened while you were doing something with Vacation Soup then whitelisting is the right answer. If you are still on http:// (as opposed to https://)? then that is the cause, and you would be well advised to change to https:// as Google down-scores insecure sites.


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    alan egan

    Hi Rae,

    Here are some options for you

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