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Footer Problems

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    alan egan

    Those of you that are having footer problems, like this…

    Can remove the footer as follows,

    In the editor, go to the page that shows the ugly footer, scroll to the bottom of the page to the following box

    select footer widgets then select 0 widgets and update the page – You will need to do this with each page where the widgets are showing up.

    This seems to have been caused by A WordPress update.

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    When you say Editor, where do you navigate to that exactly?


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    alan egan

    The WP editor is the page that you get when you go too

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    Thank you, that worked to get rid of the ‘Footer’ issue for me.

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    OK so you’re talking about the Dashboard.

    When I am on the dashboard and scroll down, there is nothing about a Layout dialog box at the bottom of the screen.

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    I had already resolved the footer/widget issue on my home page by changing the widget number from 3 to 0.  However, on my property page, it still showed the 3 widgets.  I changed the widget number from 0 to 1.  Now the GeneratePress copyright AND the 3 widgets went away.  No rhyme or reason.

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