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This topic contains 3 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by  Lina Yeo-Blake 11 months ago.

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    Lina Yeo-Blake


    I am nearly done setting up my website using VS’ free template and have a couple of questions to resolve before I can sign-up (I’d like to do so in the next couple of days too – so hopefully someone can help by checking out my site at ):

    1. My menu drop down options from Our Property tab seem to hide itself behind the Title on the Testimonial pages ie. I am not able to click on the menu options which fall over the Title on the Testimonial pages.
    2. Viewed from mobile screen, there is Menu icon (3 horizontal strips) in the middle of the screen which actually lists the menu – this is ok.  However, below it there is a black horizontal banner with “Menu” + menu icon which doesn’t seem to do anything and looks like it can be removed – how is this done please?  The same menu icon also appears at the bottom of the page – doesn’t do anything – can this also be removed?

    Thank you all so much in advance!  Am looking forward to posting to VS site!


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    alan egan

    Hi Lina,

    It looks like you fixed the first problem (that’s all ok on my computer)

    The second issue can be fixed by searching for Menu in the forum (it’s an easy fix)

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    Lina Yeo-Blake

    HI Alan

    Thanks for your tip on the 2nd issue – fixed now! 🙂

    As for 1st issue – it is still there.  If you click on Apartment Reviews, then try to click on the other options on the Our Property tab, all those links below Apartment is not accessible. Thanks for looking into this.


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    Lina Yeo-Blake

    Hi All,

    Any updates regarding my my first issue above?  It is happening again on other pages which I created myself and I suspect it is a “layering” issue.   I noticed Pages which were created by myself seem to be layered in front of the menu drop options hence making those drop down menu options “inaccessible”.  The Pages which I am referring to are:

    When you click on any other above pages and try to access a menu with dropdown options which extend past the Headers of these pages (Our Property or Enquire and Book dropdown options), my dropdown options will not be accessible.  Hopefully this is a simple matter to resolve?  Please advise.  Thank you!


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