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Gutenberg For Beginners

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    alan egan

    This week I’ll be sharing some video tutorials on WordPress’s new editor, Gutenberg.

    This one is a beginners guide to get you used to some of the basics



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    Clare Cambridge

    Thank you Alan, easy to understand video.  So is Guttenbury replacing Elementor at some point?

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    I really enjoyed the Guttenburg video, I have watched it twice ( yesterday in the dentist waiting room as well! memorable) and look forward to more videos not dentist!

    Great minds think alike Clare… I just popped on here to ask a similar question.

    Is Elementor used in conjunction with Guttenburg ?

    Guttenburg do we look on this as the nuts and bolts of a WP site? And look on Elementor as the frills and whistles of a site?


    Look forward to replies


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    alan egan

    Hi Clare, Hi Jenny,

    I’m glad that you liked the video.

    I think (and these are only my thoughts at present) that Gutenberg will make Elementor and the other page editors obsolete in the long run.

    Page builders like Elementor were created because the ‘Classic’ WordPress editor wasn’t all that intuitive to use.

    As such the current Gutenberg is Gutengerg Lite or 1.0 – It will become bigger and better. Developers will, and already are, creating plugins and themes using it.

    Like most things, it will take time to become the established norm.

    I recommend playing with it and getting used to it.

    Francis and I have been discussing how and when we rewrite the waiter to incorporate Gutenberg but that is quite complex so we will be sticking with what we have for now.

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    alan egan

    Here’s today’s quick Gutenberg tutorial

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    alan egan

    Todays Gutenberg video tutorial looks at how to build and use columns


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    Well, I just had to ask….. Is there a theme you would lean towards using for rental accommodation knowing you would use Guttenberg if so which one please.

    I load the theme before I make any action with Guttenberg?

    Very much looking forward to the next one . is it possible youy could announce the next video in the revised FB Group so I can head over here to view.

    Great to see the activity on VS FB group and the interaction. I think it will renew enthusiasm.

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    alan egan

    Good question Jenny. Rally good question. Bloody hard question to answer. 🙂

    It’s still early days with Gutenberg so I would suggest that owners stick with the stock (the free website that we are giving away) for now or Accelerate based sites from before.  Although the stock uses Generate Press as a theme it actually uses Elementor as the site/page/post builder.

    I believe that Gutenberg will make all of the page builders/ themes obsolete over the next year or two but Elementor still has the edge at present, I suggest that you experiment with a mixture of using the waiter (the classic editor) for some posts and Guttenburg for others.

    This is a very difficult transition period.

    Imagine that Esperanto was to become the new, worldwide language.  People would be learning Esperanto while discussing the change in English. That’s where we are at with Gutenberg.

    Francis and I will be creating a new waiter that will offer the choice between the classic editor and Gutenberg editor but it will be a while in the making as most people are used to talking ‘classic WordPress’ at present.

    I hope that makes sense.

    I will make announcements in the FB group but host the content here as it can be found, categorised and indexed here for future reference.

    Keep those probing questions coming 🙂


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    Goodness, just as I resurrect my still-incomplete-but-live website with elementor there is something new to learn…exciting stuff!


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    alan egan

    How to add jump anchors within pages with Gutenberg


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    alan egan

    The more that I look into and use Guttenburg the better it gets.

    I think it’s well worth getting to grips with or at least watching these videos to see what you can do with it.

    This video takes it to a new level



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    Thanks for these updates. Gutenberg looks pretty straightforward. Will these blocks replace widgets? Will our classic editor change over to Gutenberg automatically?
    Will we be able to format our text just the way we want it? I still have a couple of widgets of photo and text on my home page (Old course) that will NOT layout the way I want it….. sigh.

    I also second the “Thanks for the FB page” I am happy to see updates and reminders there, then come here for the details.

    Thanks again, Sherene

  • #9233

    alan egan

    Hello Sherene,

    I believe that blocks will replace widgets at some stage (blocks are widgets really).

    The editor will switch to Gutenberg but you’ll still be able to switch to the classic editor if you prefer.

    You can format text and there are a number of Gutenberg related plugins that offer extra control.

    I’ve been busy creating pages with Gutenberg in order to get to grips with what it can and can’t do. It’s still early days but it does have some very good aspects – Watch this space.

    Thanks for the feedback regarding the FB group. Feel free to join in the conversation.

    Have a great weekend

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