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Hall Of Fame – Completed Websites

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website Hall Of Fame – Completed Websites

This topic contains 48 replies, has 30 voices, and was last updated by  jennyb 1 month, 3 weeks ago.

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    alan egan

    Once you have completed your website please add it to this list…

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      alan egan

      Nice work Carol,

      Not only do you have a lovely site, you also have the kudos of being the first site completed via the new course.

      Well done

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    Hi Alan,

    Completed my site:
    Also own which I have pointed to the other. (because harbor is the US way of spelling and Harbour is the european way). Have sent mail to all those who have booked  with us and put on our Facebook page. Now planning to set up a mail campaign and send details of new website to all those who have inquired or booked with us over last 5 years (should keep me out of mischief for next few weeks).

    Thanks for your help and guidance Alan.
    Don A

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    Don, Great news on completing it, and an awesome site it is!

    We have had a lot of messages from owners looking to pool email resources, for the benefit of all. While this may appear a legal minefield (and it is, considering we are international), the idea is sound, and as it has been my career for the last 25 years you can expect we will be offering something legal and robust in the near future.

    I only mention this because the biggest pre-requisite to any owner legally sharing a person’s email address in the future is to ask their permission. If you are considering Vacation Soup membership when we go live (as I am sure you are), this would be worth keeping in mind when you are contacting past guests.

    Without re-asking permission, even for your own business, you risk falling foul of the draconian GDPR that comes into force in Europe next year, which applies to any European subject (i.e. guest). I am drafting a paper on this, but current advice is that you include a paragraph asking for permission to stay in contact and keep their personal details on file (as simply as that). Simply not objecting is not considered enough sadly, you need to ask them to respond by email saying they are OK with it. In my experience most engaged customers don’t mind this, they feel re-assured that you take their personal data seriously.

    As for the Vacation Soup sharing concept, it would only ever be voluntary of course. Any owners that want to share (and benefit from others’) email data would need to contact them and say something along the following lines:

    We are [thinking of being] part of Vacation Soup, a new traveller site made by vacation rental owners. We would like to ask your permission for Vacation Soup to send you occasional emails, please can you respond with “Yes to Soup” in your reply if you are happy for this to happen.

    I hope this helps, and great work.


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    Add me to the list. Nancy

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    John Z

    Finished with round 1. It could use a little polishing here and there as well as some text on a couple of the bucket list items.

    I spent many hours experimenting with the SEO suggestions. I registered my URL with the google search console to get some insight on which key word searches are showing my website. Right now, my website is appearing on the 7th page of a google search for my condo building. I am hoping it will appear within the first couple pages soon.


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    alan egan
  • #5738

    Hi there,


    I have completed mmy website. Need some improvement and content for the destination but the foundation is there!!!



    Proud of it!

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      alan egan


      Your site doesn’t seem to be displaying correctly. You may need to talk to Siteground

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    Hi, I checked and it is now working from my end…

  • #5782

    I have completed (well 90%)a website for a friend who claims not to be computer literate (or lazy!!).

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    Havasu Vacation

    Not feeling very creative today. Trying to come up with a new domain name. Ugh

  • #5819

    alan egan

    We all have days like that – Hang in there

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    Needs a little tweaking but ready for guests to book. So glad you are integrated with Owner Rez!!


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    More or less that it: .Once again thanks to Alan and Francis for their help and to all of you for being a part of this project. I wish you all the best in new 2018 and a lot of good bookings. Happy hosting

  • #5900

    Matt Elder

    Got the vast majority of the “First cut” done or

    Thanks to Alan / Francis / Remi et al for all this! Now to finish and get into a ‘posting’ habit 😉

  • #5904

    Mark Schwebel

    Just finished on the original course this week. now for upgrading.


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    Finished the framework.

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    Up and going, YaHoo!



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    Hello all!

    Here’s the new site for M Villa OBX that was completed just a few minutes before the New Year!

    Appreciate the help and this community!


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    Oops, I didn’t think to come back over here and post our’s. Many thanks to Alan and the Soup folks for the templates and instructions. Am not a whiz-bang WordPress person by any means, but know more than early floundering about. Thanks!

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    Finished a week ago now.  Needs some polishing but we’re ready to load!



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    My wife Arielle and I have a log cabin in Vermont and two properties on the Cape. We have been advertising through Home Away for years but will be moving to our own site this year. Thanks to Alan and the crew at your end for all the great videos and information. It took a lot of time but I cannot imagine doing it ourselves. We so appreciate all that went in to creating these tutorials. Just finished our site tonight:

    We need to tweek a lot of things but as you said, get it up and running and then take the time to clean everything up.


    Having a bit of a problem with the final part in Pirate Forms getting the site to be able to send an inquiry but I’ll figure it out.


    Thanks again!


    John and Arielle Kennedy

  • #6071

    I’m done other than some tweaking and getting the pirate forms working, maybe tonight.





  • #6139

    Almost there, we have 3 properties and need to run the add multi properties learning and add rates. Thanks for the course, excellent!

  • #6405

    Shannon Knight

    I think I get the prize for taking the longest to finish! Here’s my site: Thank you, Alan, for generously providing your template, forum help, and instructional videos. I can’t believe I actually have a website and it looks pretty good. I look forward to adding more content and being a part of the soup!

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    Thanks Alan for the support! Siteground has really great support. I’m not sure I’ll ever be “done” with the site as I’ll keep making changes I’m sure.

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    Lina Yeo-Blake

    Hurray!  I have completed 90% of my website and look forward to optimising it (will look for more learnings on this) >>

    Happy to receive your suggestions for improvements too please.  Thank you all!

    In the meantime, please advise how to add my list of Categories onto the Guest Reviews page?  Thank you!



  • #6867

    alan egan

    Nice work Lina,

    I would tidy up the text on the homepage a little so that it lines up across the page.
    I would also recommend trying to take better photos of the property as they are a little dark.

    But the site is stacked with great information – Well done

    Categories can be added via the WordPress dashboard, testimonials, fields and you can add a category to the form there

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    Lina Yeo-Blake

    Hi Alan

    Thanks for the tips! Yes indeed, taking betters is my top To Do on my next trip to Ceret.

    BTW – I meant to ask, how to add Categories and Archives as part of the Side Bar in our Blogs (Our Ceret Guide)?

    Also how do I access The Learning Centre for the paid resources?  I just signed up for the yearly subscription.

    Thanks alot!

  • #6897


    Now that I got thru the reCaptcha challenge I am in pretty good shape. I need to add a couple of items to my Top 10 and add to my Blog but I ready to go live. My next challenge is to improve Google optimization. Thanks Alan for all your efforts I can’t imagine how someone would even attempt this without your guidance.


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      Hi Dan, I wrapped the URL you provided in <code> tags (backticks) to stop it including the page (if you view your post in Text mode you can see them). Hope that helps.

    • #6921

      I love my job!

      I get to see all these fantastic properties in idyllic locations. It does breed jealousy though, which is a good thing!

      Chunky Monkey looks great, I understand you have not quite finished, there is one improvement that I would suggest (and you may already be doing), relating to photo sizes. For some people alignment and layout is imperative, and if everything lines up nicely I must admit it does add a really professional sheen to the site.

      I think in the Gallery it is OK to have an arrangement of different dimensioned photos, however there are two places that would definitely improve from consistent sizing – The home page (banner is smaller than the other pictures on a large monitor) and Our Top 10 has several different sizes, that have cause one to pixellate heavily.

      Well done, and I hope you do enjoy.


      • #6922




        Thanks for the insight and I agree. I am not sure how my header ended up undersized but it really does not do well when viewing on a phone. I will double back on the photo sizes to correct. One question though: Elementor allows you to change photo sizes with the software but what are it’s limitations. Sometime I found I can increase the size and sometime not. Another issue I discovered is that when I found photos on the Web they are speced as 1024×1024 but when I import them into PicMonkey it shows up as 650×650? I try to find large photos so they don’t pix-elate but they end up being a smaller size at 650×650. Any insight on this matter would be apprecitated.



        • #6934

          alan egan

          Hello Dan,

          I get most of my images from Pixabay and bigstockphoto and both offer various large size images.

          Don’t make photos larger as this will always result in fuzziness.

          • #6960


            <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Thanks for the info.</span>



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    Clare Cambridge

    I can’t believe I done it.  Still needs a bit of tweeking, pictures in gallery mainly.  It’s been a massive learning curve and I’m very proud of myself 🙂   Please take a look, comment on any improvements or errors.   Thank you to Alan and the team 🙂

    A couple of questions, but if the answers is in the videos following “Finishing touches” then don’t worry.  Why when you go on the (my) site does it say “Free Vacation rental website” or should I say, can I get rid of that.

    I saw that someone mentioned about registering their url with google search console, could I have info on that too (if it’s not in the videos)




    <p class=”p1″></p>

  • #7005

    Clare Cambridge

    I couldn’t  see how to edit my post above, so I’m posting again (sorry)  where do I go from here.  I thought after I clicked module completed on the last video it would take me to the stage of video’s, but noting there, so could someone please guide me where to go.   I also thought there might be a link at the end to sign up to the soup.  Clare

  • #7077


    Finally got around to visiting Vacation Soup – here is my finished site

    Many thanks to Alan for his video instruction.



  • #7079


    I don’t think a website is ever finished – But officially it is

  • #8220


    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for the template and videos Alan; they have been a huge help in creating my website:

    It is very early days for us as we are still renovating the house but wanted to get a website up and running. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome, and thank you for reading.


    • #8224

      alan egan

      Hi Liz, thank you for your kind words.

      WHAT A LOCATION – Truly stunning – I look forward to seeing the property once you have finished the renovations

  • #8225


    Thanks Alan. These things seem to take longer than you think… plenty of time to work on the website!

  • #8262


    Well at last i have got round to ‘finishing the website. I say this in the loosest sense, as I haven’t actually completed the destination stuff…either the top 10 or the guide! Too many questions right now….like How to change the wording on the horizontal menu items, How to completely remove a section eg Our top 10’! I shall spend time going through the forums to see if i can find answers there, but if in the meantime if any Soup community members feel like taking a look at and giving feedback, I’d be very grateful!

  • #8269

    alan egan

    It’s looking very nice Jenny. You have a very beautiful home (love the interiors). Well done

  • #8270


    Thanks Alan.

    Tackling the destination stuff today!

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