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    Hi Everyone,

    I was referred to Vacation Soup by Vince Perez. I am relatively new to the industry; I have a short term vacation rental on the property where I also live on the Oregon Coast. Although being new to the STR rental industry (we opened last year and have been basically sold out since opening via Airbnb; with a bit of business from VRBO, and now Trip Advisor) it didn’t take me long to realize that I am being slowly conditioned to be a ‘slave to the (corporate) Machine’, and I do not like this feeling. At all.

    Like you, I believe owners and prospective guests should be able to have direct communication with each other and no middle person is needed – unless by mutual choice and agreement. It is my hope that a David will arise to fight Goliath. I hope Vacation Soup is that David, along with  like-minded others, including (I assume) those of us who found our way here.

    I am looking forward to getting to know you all over time. I am a writer and in a past life was a VP of Marketing in Silicon Valley, so Vacation Soup also appealed to my writer and marketing sides. I do have a few questions about the website end of things. I have two websites (intentional – wanted to grab the urls before someone else did); my wordpress site does not show availability, but does allow for booking requests with dates to be sent. It does have a blog. My Lodgify site (which I listed here) can show availability, take direct bookings, but has no blog feature. So I am not at all sure what to do, and I need someone to advise me on this as I would like to write blog posts and have these integrated with Vacation Soups advertising materials.



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    Hi Rebecca and a warm Welcome.

    I see no downside to having a separate booking and marketing site, as long as the marketing one is pointing liberally at the booking one and vice versa. I can’t think of any reason google would ‘mark you down’ on that.

    Adding our Waiter plugin to your marketing site will give you the inspiration, ideas and licensed images to write more frequent, engaging posts, and these will automatically come into the Soup, and with the next Waiter you will be able to say which magazine(s) you want to it to appear in.

    It’s wonderful to have your energy onboard – literately and literally! I look forward to your posts and even more participation.


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    Hi Francis,
    Thank you for your warm welcome! Here’s my biggest problem: The WordPress website I have does not allow plugins. I guess I got the wrong kind of site. I’m thinking I am going to now have to get a second website with WordPress, one that allows plugins and do yet another vacation site, and let my other one expire that is on WordPress now. Would you recommend this is the way that I go?

    I really want to be able to use your plug-in, I’ve already built my own WordPress site with plug-ins for my other business so I would have no problem setting all that up, it’s just a pain to have to do it again and to have to pay for a third website but I’m willing to do it if that’s what I need to do unless you have other ideas!


    Rebecca – P.S. Whether I am on Visual or Text I see </div>
    <div dir=”auto”></div>
    <div dir=”auto”> all throughout the text!!

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    Hi Rebecca,

    Firstly, we will shortly be releasing a solution for non-wordpress websites that may work for you.

    It will provide the same Waiter plugin, that helps you write great posts frequently and syndicate them through the soup, but without publishing on your own site. Although this is intended for people that have just built their own on another platform (for instance in Wix) and are happy for posts not to appear on that site.

    As for the <div etc, If you are talking about the Create Post screen of the Waiter plugin, is it possible you pasted the contents in? If you paste HTML content in the WordPress editor, you must paste it in text mode, if you paste it in Visual mode you will get the results you describe.

    I hope this helps,


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    Hi Francis,

    Unfortunately, my website is on the Lodgify platform – I cannot use plug-ins with it. I don’t mind buying yet another wordpress site, one that will accept plug-ins (I am not very happy with how the Lodgify platform is run and the websites are clunky and not so pretty). So once I have that new wordpress site, do I then just ask you for the template plug-in and download it into my wordpress site like any other plug-in? I have many ideas for articles – I live in a beautiful and popular part of the Oregon Coast (Florence). Just need to do my taxes and then I can get started writing.

    I see my listing is up and running – saw it on Google. Thank you for taking care of this in such a timely manner. Much appreciated!



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    Hi Francis,

    Should I write you directly at your email address? Still not sure about how to coordinate my blog with you and which way I will need to go since neither of my current vacation rental websites (wordpress and lodgify) allow me to load plug-ins (see my last message to you, above). Thank you!

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