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Help with contact me page.

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    My web site is complete except 2 issues, 1 – my testimonials don’t show up under “our guests” (they are there under “our property,” but I thought they would show up under “our guests,” but maybe they are not supposed to?). Also, I can’t get the form to work under “contact us” – it keeps telling me it has an error “invalid domain key.”

    Also, how do I sign up to be one of the first 100? (what do I do when i get it all working?).

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    alan egan

    Hello Shelia,

    If you add the strong testimonials shortcode (as it is on the property page) to the our guests page they should show up.

    There is another thread here called ‘Pirate forms’ that deals with contact form issues.

    To sign up please visit and click on the ‘Pricing’ section

    I hope that all helps


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      Remi Thackrey

      Hi Shelia,

      Great to have you aboard.

      Being among the first 100 owners, we will extended your subscription from 1 year to 2 years for free.

      You now receive all the standard benefits PLUS:

      • up to 2 properties listed on the website
      • an opportunity to reduce your subscription renewal by up to 50% (simply by adding articles to your own website)
      • 1 free month added to your subscription for every new member you introduce
      • benefit from Social media and Google advertising
      • the opportunity to be a ‘featured’ property on the website
      • travellers sent directly to reserve with you at 0% commission

      Also the longer you are on your site (plus VS) blogging, the increased chances you will appear in web searches, just by the very nature of have extra content. Thousands of footprints per year for your business. I hope this helps.

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    Remi Thackrey




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