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How to maximize our Waiters Posts with media platforms

Home Forums WordPress Plugin How to maximize our Waiters Posts with media platforms

This topic contains 11 replies, has 6 voices, and was last updated by Avatar Susan Walker 3 months ago.

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    OK to the point . How do we use and manipulate our uploaded posts to the Waiter that are showing in Vacation Soup.

    Q1/ When our very own upoaded post pops up in Facebook Feed is it good practice to make a comment within its facebook post?

    Q2/ OK so there is the post in Facebook Feed showing off our uploaded bit to the Waiter… is it good practice to open the post which takes me to my post within Vacation Soup. I scroll to the base and click each of the media links at the base.  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and I then see my post ( example about Wine)  pop into those accounts that I own. Is that good practice and should we all be doing it?

    Q3/ Ok  lets say for example Alan Egans his post pops up (from the Waiter into my Facebook Feed talking about Denmark and I enjoyed it , is it good practice to Share that to my facebook page. Which leads me to ask should we be colaborating more with each other in Vacation Soup.

    #AlanEgan #Francis I think many of us could do with a little help here . Some best practices in a tutorial would be wonderful as I can see by a number of posts it is not only me floundering. Discuss please.


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    alan egan

    Hello Jenny, good morning.

    These are very good questions. Pretty much the answer to all 3 questions is yes, the more that we share, like, etc the more that helps. That goes for all posts in the soup and in the soup’s social profiles.

    Comments are an even stronger signal. Like posts, longer comments are better than shorter (great post, nice photo) type posts.

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      Susan Walker

      Hey Guys,

      I’ve only just become a full member of the Soup and trying to catch up. Finding the discussions very interesting.

      I can see the value of sharing and commenting but am not quite clear on the way Jenny suggests we do so.

      1. When you say “our post pops up on FB feed” I presume you are referring to the VS FB page. Should we say “Thanks for Sharing” or somesuch? If someone comments of course we have an opening.
      2. Sharing from VS to our social media pages. I usually share my posts to them anyhow, but recognise the value of sharing where it’s been shared. But this perhaps is better for Twitter than FB no?
      3. Sharing someone else’s post, on say Denmark, to my FB page about Granada is surely rather confusing. I seem to remember that in the first course I took with you Alan you recommended against this.

      If I haven’t understood Jenny’s reasoning correctly I apologize.

      I find the FB group really helpful as I do these forums. I would also like to see these tips in one place, Francis’ idea of syndicating everything in one place could work…if I’ve understood him correctly.

      Thanks, Susan




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    Thanks for this Alan. Can we have a sticky with lots of tips like this . Somewhere we can go to run through a checklist of best practices . I really dont see much of peope interactig within VS as regards helping each other, is it because they are very savvy on the whole?  Is it possible Vacation Soup on Facebook could have its own page for tips as requested above as well as I am sure it would reach more people and create more interest within the Soup. I am begining to wonder if its just me that ‘knows nuffink’ as nobody asks for guidance! where are people chatting about VS if not on this community page … I think I am missing the plot. Used to enjoy your closed group re Your Vacation Website WordPress.

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    alan egan

    Hi Jenny,

    I appreciate your call to action. We plan to make the community our main point of contact for the new year. We will be posting a lot more here and we will be trying to rally the troops more than we have.

    These last 12 months have been somewhat pillar to post and we have used the community to answer questions. This coming year we plan to change that to more of a news/tips/updates/help etc. We would love to recapture the buzz of the previous FB group.

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    OK, thanks for the reply. I am floundering a bit so very much looking forward to some rules of thumbs and tips.

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    I’m with you Jenny! But it is just a fluke that I ran across your post… I think that is exactly what you are saying. As much as I don’t love Facebook, it was, well, in my face.

    I only log into VS when I have a problem.

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    Sherene ….Exactly look at this, here I am now and its a few weeks or more since I was last here… OK Christmas and NY got in the way but as you say FB is in your face, I usually have a look at Breakfas time on FB when all is quiet. I would love to see a specific heading in the community for an exact tips. I see VS as an advertising platform where we all need to interact at least once a week be it a tweet or upload to Pinterest or link a topic to a media platform that has come direct from VS.</span>

    I would love to see just one portal for these tips and tricks as I truly dont want to read through an article written in a tecky language I dont understand . Just a place we can all add a tip and trick to so we get speaking to each other. At the moment my eyes go all over the place on this community trying to spot something of interest to me at that moment.  It would be great if there was an app that would give us a notification when there are new articles or new posts so its in your face like FB . The email notifications  gets buried and thats only available if you were posting . Perhaps a closed group its own community page on facebook where all gets auto loaded onto this page. Sorry Francis I am getting carried away. Anyone got thoughts on this. Dont get me wrong the comminity page is great but hard to follow ometimes</span>

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    This was the subject of much discussion at Soup HQ when we launched, and since.

    I love the irony of a conversation about conversations, and I won’t repeat my ‘keynote’ a few years ago when I attended my second meeting about meetings in my own company. The language was a touch colourful…

    There are apps, like Slack, that are there to solve this precise issue, but they are geared more towards techies than mortals.

    The issue is one size does not fit all. Facebook has our attention – we get notified, even my watch notifies me if I don’t silence it, and many of us thrive on the broad range of personal and business topics we explore there (I am quietly pretending to ignore the negative side).

    The problem is it is rubbish at organising past conversations and useful titbits, and I mean really rubbish. There are also a growing number of people rejecting Facebook, and Google doesn’t index it, making it even harder to find things.

    One thought – what if we syndicate most of our forum content on our owner’s Facebook group? That way we can use the Community site’s organisational and searchable aspects, and Facebook’s notifications?

    What do you think?

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    Hello Francis thanks for you response. Don’t laugh but I am going to have to read what you say quite a number of times before I get the gist . This is when I wish I was a drinker of alcohol. Seriously my tipple is tea

    When you say on our ‘Owners Facebook group’  are you referring to the one Alan gently weened us all off?

    I will try and digest what you say. But we need to interact with people of like minds if not on FB what other platform are people targetting?

    We ( note the Royal we as I feel part of the community) need to find those  perhaps have no concept of what search engines feed on and they would appreciate what VS has so much to teach so many . One part of me the selfish bit tells me I don’t want to share VS because I have had quite a few bookings already through my Vs site  but I know in my heart that I would have had even more bookings if more people in France contributed data. I just hope VS can broaded itself to the Dutch market and Germany rather than just America. Yes I know the problem is language but there must be a way . I wonder if some of our guides should be in other languages ….. now I am really getting carried away. Has anyone thoughts on that?

    • This reply was modified 6 months ago by Avatar alan egan.
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    Hi Francis, I totally understand and am also frustrated by Facebook’s lack of organizing and searching. But I love the idea of seeing forum contents posts there. But knowing I can come here, search and perhaps get a little deeper on a subject now that I know it has been brought up.


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    Hi Sherene, Jenny, and Francis.

    I am so happy to see this topic discussed. You are certainly not alone in this world of tech-first graders trying to operate and flourish alongside the tech-doctors. I have no doubt i spend 10X the amount of time fumbling around to get simple tasks done online.

    I too would like to see technical tips all in the same place. that the VS users could use and share.

    Keep on plugging! Karen

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