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I Just Posted the Following on Facebook

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    don amesbury

    I Just Posted the Following on my Property Facebook Page. If we want Vacation Soup to succeed we need to help get the word out about Vacation Should you do similar?……

    Please be aware that when guests inquire and book through the big three rental listing companies, those companies  believe they are in a strong position, as a result they have:

    increased the cost of being listed on their site.
    charge the guest around 15% commission over and above the rental price.
    removed e mail addresses and phone numbers from inquiries.<span class=”text_exposed_show”>
    prohibited us from contacting inquirers direct.
    prohibited us from referring to our website or our e mail address.</span>
    <div class=”text_exposed_show”>

    So, if you want to get the best rate when you inquire, and if you want to correspond, without restrictions, with the property owner, whether that be us at Harbour View in Exuma, or somewhere else. By all means go to the listing sites to find a property that interests you, then do some research.

    Go to Google and search for the property to see if they have a website, Many properties, like us, have a property name, then add the location, and see if there is a website, or look them up on Facebook.
    There are websites being developed now that guarantee that your inquiry will go straight to the owner and that you will get the best rate. One such site is Its in its early stages of development but shows a lot of promise and is well worth a visit. Bookmark it for future reference.
    Rant Over !!!


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    alan egan

    You are a star Don,

    Thank you VERY much.

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      <span style=”font-size: 120%;”>Yes Don, I think we all need to get this out to potential guests by putting it on our website front page that “VS is the place to go when looking for a a global holiday #BookDirect ” …. perhaps if we all did it it would reach many. Could VS offer an incentive for us to do this? please. Reciprocal links perhaps?</span>

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