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I paid, I have several questions with my account. . who do I go to?

Home Forums The Learning Centre I paid, I have several questions with my account. . who do I go to?

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      I am now a paid member of Vacation Soup. . . and posting here b/c I need answers and I am sure others may have the same issues.  Who do we go to for support.  IS posting a topic the only way, or is there a  ticket system or customer support.  My items that need attention are:


      • How do I change my email address from @gmail to on all posts and within my profile?  I did it on the profile section, but it has not been changed throughout my posts
      • In the image below, my NEW blogs are not posting on my VS page, just old ones from Christmas.   Are my contributions not making it to the Soup?
      • How do I know my blogs are being synced with VS, is there a dashboard
      • Image below: i get a constant notification that I am not authorized.  How do I change 1) my user name and 2) my password within the plugin?
      • When will the paypal refunds be sent out as offered a week or two ago?

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      HI Daniel,

      This is the right place to post most issues, as often the solution is helpful to others, however sometimes private communication is more suited, is my email.

      I have found the cause of your issue. You registration has an email address in the domain and a username of Having two different email addresses to identify you has confused WordPress’ API – hence why you can not connect your Waiter plugin. The solution is to change your username to something other than an email address. I have changed it to danieltoconnor and set the email address to, and issued a password reset which should be in your inbox.

      Once you have set your password and logged in, you can change the email address under My Profile on

      The name shown is the login name (now danieltoconnor), I hope this is OK.

      The new blogs will not have been posted due to the ID problem above. There is a new Waiter (WordPress plugin) coming out this week that will gradually synchronise all your old posts, so they will get there. We do intend to add a dashboard to the Waiter and to the Profile section of the Soup, but we do not have a date available yet, however with this latest Waiter the [connect] tab shows you how many posts are unsynchronised.

      Lastly, there was a delay refunding 3 members that signed up in the last few days of February, due to us changing Paypal accounts. I apologise, and am contacting each of you by email on this, separately.

      I hope this answers your questions for now.


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