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I suggest using your property location in blog titles

Home Forums The Soup I suggest using your property location in blog titles

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    Shannon Knight

    Hi All! I have been following Vacation Soup on Facebook for awhile. Alan is great about posting our blog posts there and most make me want to pack a bag and head your way! Some don’t use the location name in the blog title though, which makes me less interested. It may just be personal preference, but for me the location name gives a point of reference or creates intrigue. Even if I don’t recognize the name, it makes me want to find out more about this new and interesting place. For example Guide to Local Coffee Shops makes me think it’s for the area where I live, but Guide to Local Coffee Shops in Downtown Atlanta, or on Mars, or Near Dollywood all give me an instant visual pin on a map and may even peak my curiosity. I just changed all my titles to include Near Disney World for this reason. Just my two cents…


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    Yes Shannon! I was just getting on the forum to post the same thing! Thinking that there may need to be a change in the way you put your profile info in as well. It has you do neighborhoods, but not state? Or the state just doesn’t show up

    Here is a recent post – NO IDEA where this is…. well, in the USA….

    I’m doing the same as you, skim right over and do not even read them when I have no point of reference. Even Disney posts seem to assume I know if they are in California or Florida – Could be Paris…..  Thanks for adding Disney WORLD to yours.

    I am trying hard to remember to put City and State first in posts. But sometimes forget too. Is there a way to make that a permanent header? Alan??

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      Shannon Knight

      Right, Sherene! In fact you’ve made me think that I need to add “Florida”, even though I say Disney World. People don’t always know which Disney property is the Florida one :).

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    Very good points, I will re-look at those cards and make them better.

    Our test data was not as representative of real life, so please bear with us.


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    alan egan

    Just edit the settings in the plugin

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