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multi language site

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    I am in the process of building my site. I started in English but I am in french speaking area and I have many french speaking client. How should i do to have multiple langage on my website?

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    Remi Thackrey

    Bonjour Arnaud,
    I am in exactly the same position. As a temporary fix I added a translator plugin called GTranslate. I have opted to build another version of the site with a French URL and have a button on each site to take you to the other version.. I decided that, once one was built, the other version would be pretty quick as most of the work is done. It also gives me 2 chances to get optimised on Google. Bon Chance!

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    Multi-language support for the Stock, Waiter (WP Plugin) and Soup (the main traveller site) is a subject of much discussion here.

    Currently we will not be able to provide language support on the initial release, especially in the Soup as the content is being provided by owners, simply because there is no time do so, but we will re-consider this once the main Soup is up and running.

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