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Multi Property Site Reviews

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    Working on Reviews for Multi Prop Site today.  We have 3 sites total. I have everything set up for the two properties I’m adding to the original “base” site.  Followed video, everything’s great.  I did notice it was different from how we set up reviews on the “base” site.  But I did create a “category” for the base site condo, since that wasn’t done at that time.  Under “All Testimonial” I categorized the base condo reviews into their proper place and subsequently the new condos to their category.

    The problem I am having is that the reviews I’m adding for the 2 new condos are also being added to the “base” condo’s review page. So ALL reviews are going there. And the two new ones are going to their specific page as well.  Since that page was already created as part of the original package, do I need to  create a new shortcode for the page like the one done in the multi-site video?  So I’m assuming that has something to do with it??  If I create the new shortcode and insert to the original “Our Guests” review page and then categorize, should that straighten things out??

    I don’t want to mess anything up until I get some clarification! Thanks so much!!

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    alan egan

    Hi Kate,

    Simply create a new view for each property (duplicate the existing view and rename it)

    Then insert that views shortcode into the required page

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