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My Blogs are not showing in VS

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    As A novice, I am getting pretty frustrated. I have a lot of blog ideas, have posted 5, but only 2 show up in vacation soup. I have no incentive to get these written and up if they are not going to show and get my credits. I have posted for help a couple of times, still not sure what to do…..

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    alan egan

    Hello Sherene,

    I’m not sure why this would happen. I’ll ask Francis to look into it (you won’t lose any credits)

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    Hi Sherene,

    We can see the problem you describe (you have 5, we only have 2), however in order to diagnose the cause I need to have a look under the bonnet of your site. Would you mind giving me access to your siteground account so that I can check the logs?

    I should add that it is always best practice when giving out a password to change it to something temporarily first, give me the temp password, and then change it back when I am finished. My email is

    I look forward to hearing from you,


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    Thanks guys!
    Francis I have sent you an email

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    I am pleased to say this conundrum is solved.

    The posts will only syndicate if they have a featured image. As your theme is not featured image-based, you had not added them.

    We have made it a doddle to add featured images with the Pixabay button that drops in gorgeous licensed images.

    I hope this helps.

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    Francis and Alan,

    I have also had the same problem as Sherene.  I just trashed one of my posts and then re-add it using a photo from Pixabay as the lead-in photograph rather than one of my own and it now shows up in Vacation Soup.  I thought we had the option of using other photographs by using the Add Media button.  Helpful to know that we must use a Pixabay photograph to make it show up in Vacation Soup.  Will be re-doing my other posts now — none have been showing up and I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.


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    Alan and Francis,

    Mary here again from familysummerhouse, posting another comment about blog entries not showing up unless you use a Pixabay photo.  I was having trouble finding appropriate photos from the ones available when I click on the Pixabay button in Word Press.  I went to Pixabay’s website and found many more available and downloaded them, then uploaded to my blog using the Add Media button.  So even though it was a Pixabay image, it wasn’t showing up in Vacation Soup.   Is there a way to search the Pixabay photos when posting your blog in Word Press to get the full availability of their stock?

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      I am also trying to replicate the error, and have not yet been able to get the same problem, Sherene is also seeing the same issue.

      Can you please confirm what device and browser you are using? It’s unlikely to be the cause but I need to make sure I am as close to your environment as possible.

      Thanks in advance,


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    alan egan

    Just type in the search box in the Pixabay popup in the soup plugin (I typed in cat in this example)

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    I am using Windows, Microsoft Edge browser.


    Yes, I used the search bar.  For example, for one of the entries I want to post I was looking for a picture of a mermaid made out of sand. When I search mermaid or sand sculpture within the Plugin, I come up with some photos of some weird looking mermaids or some generic sand sculptures.  Out on Pixabay’s website, however, I get this lovely.  Thanks for looking into it.  Mary










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    Francis,  Mary here again (familysummerhouse).   I’ve been posting some blogs using the available photos from Pixabay for the starter photograph.  I noticed, however, that if I try to insert another Pixabay photo in the body of the text, it inserts the picture as the starter photograph for another, separate post — not the one I’m working on.  The title is the default entry that appears when you go to post a new blog entry.  I have no issue inserting any pictures from my own files in the body of the text.

    Thought I would mention it as it seems like it could be related to the other issue of not being able to use personal photos for the lead picture.  The plug-in definitely is not working as Alan demonstrates in the how-to video.





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    Hi Mary, I have now been able to use personal photos by editing the blog in the “Posts” page of wordpress. If my photo does not show up in the right side column VS plugin “Your Recent Posts”, or replace the “Thought of the day” spot with my photo – go to “Posts” in wordpress, edit your post, then go to the far right bottom corner to “Featured Image” box. Set Featured Image. Update. Now my Photo shows up and the blog posts to VS.
    The whole point of our specialized area posts would be moot if we can’t use our own photos to showcase our uniquenesses. Pixabay is great, but they don’t have my favorite local burger or our red rock slot canyons!

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    Francis, Is there a work around for videos? I would love to have the video “clickable” from the get go. not have to put in a featured photo, click on that, and then see there is a video to open. I know Alan has been encouraging videos in the blogs, but how do travelers know there is video there to see?
    Thanks, Sherene

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