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My Posts in VS says 48 years ago!

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website My Posts in VS says 48 years ago!


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    OOp’s what have I done, feeling stupid ! Been posting within VS merrily and directly in posts then realised what I have just posted … (and yes I checked dates that are editable) says at the end 48 years ago or 6 months from now!



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    alan egan

    Hello Jenny,

    I know that you said that you had been meaning to write your first post for a while but this is ridiculous lol

    This may help

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    alan egan
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    Thank you Alan for your replies but  I have looked at both links and studied. I am sure I have been everywhere the tutorials  said and all is normal but these weird dates remain and continue.

    . Just posted again a blog in Vacation Soup post and again its 48 years ago. I note that this 48 years ago is only showing within the above vacation soup window on the panel on the right not in the actual live posts on the website. I can live with it as its not showing in live website.


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    alan egan

    Phew, I’m glad the client facing side is working fine

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