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not able to log on to "more resources"

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    Marji Keith

    I’ve made my website and have been creating blog posts – but I’m not syndicating them anywhere and have a lot of questions.

    My blog posts are showing up in VacationSoup but my website is not.

    I don’t know the best way to syndicate posts to facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. And I’m not sure if there is info here on that or not.

    I am unable to log in to the “more resources” section so after the “Trello Sessions” I’m not sure where to go.

    I could use help with SEO – what are the best key words, how best to write the snippet, what to use for title and alt text. There are questions such as should my key word be “windsurfing” or should it be “windsurfing bonaire” or should it be windsurfingbonaire? In other words is the location ALREADY picked up?

    I just joined VacationSoup although my alan egan website went live over a year ago. Now I’m beginning to seriously start to Blog and really want to push the posts out into the web. Could use a lot of help.

    my website is

    thanks in advance


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    Marji Keith

    just to clarify – when I try the “more resources” section it’s password protected and my log on password does not work. I know I’m using the correct password – so it doesn’t make sense. thanks again

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    Hi Marji and Welcome.

    The password for that section is currently fixed, and is contained in the Welcome email we sent you on July 8th, in the first set of bullet points. I can resend it if you would like.

    I will try to address your questions one at time.

    I will be reviewing Pending properties shortly, then your property should show.

    We use the Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) plugin for social syndication and it is the most popular, simply search SNAP in the Add Plugins section. The free version should be fine for your needs. There are various topics of conversation around social posting, and the community home page always has some latest news and views on the subject.

    Within that plugin there is a lot of guidance and training material available on matters such as keywords, and they are the real experts on this.

    I hope this helps, and I look forward to reading morel about Bonaire.



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    Marji Keith

    Thanks Francis,

    I checked the e-mail from July 8th and there is no password given in that e-mail. I am currentlylogged on to VS (or I wouldn’t be able to post here) – so does this mean I need a completely different password to log on to the “other resources” area? And if so, yes, please provide me with that password.  I guess I’m just finding the system difficult to navigate. I came to a very fast end to Alan’s videos and I’m stuck and can’t get in.

    I’ll add the SNAP plug-in in the meanwhile and do some research into that. That sounds good.

    Thanks for your help,




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    Hi, I have sent you an email with the password needed to access that area.


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    Hello Francis,

    I have the same problem to open the contents in “more resources”. Could you also send it to me again the password ?Thank you

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