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Not receiving Mail in Webmail but have elsewhere

Home Forums Creating A Vacation Rental Website Not receiving Mail in Webmail but have elsewhere


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    Clare Cambridge

    I’ve set up the email forwarding all successfully and tested, (and sorted the captcha) emails are received in my personal inbox, but I wanted to check that the emails are also stored on webmail, as explained in alan’s video.  There’s nothing there.  I don’t understand why, this will make replying via my website email tricky.  I’ve searched to see if anyone else has had this problem and haven’t found the answer.

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    Hi Claire

    I am not sure which email provider you are using but with gmail there is an option to archive a copy and forward. to whatever address you like.
    By definition forwarding is exactly that,  send it on somewhere else. Unless you have a similar option to what i described above.



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    alan egan

    If in doubt at all just give Siteground a call and they will sort you out

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