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Opening links in new windows

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    Opening links in new windows rather than within. Well it all started with a plea by me in a post in face book word press group with nobody giving an answer so I hope this is useful for someone or in case I forget again….

    Having a blank moment with Elementor or maybe within Word press itself. I stupidly started off getting each page to open in a new tab, crazy idea. Now I have totally forgotten where it is to find the option that says do I want the page to open in a new tab…. feeling weary … its the little jobs on the site that are taking the longest to finish.. onwards and upwards. Thanks in anticipation

    EDITED: Eureka… sorted. The answer is in Elementor, the cog wheel is in wherever<span class=”text_exposed_show”> the link is so I had a picture that was linked to a custom URL , at the side of that URL is the cog wheel , click and you will see the option to open in a new window. Same as regards text that has the link within Elementor and at the side of the URL there is the cog wheel and there again you find the option to open in new window or not.</span>

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    alan egan

    Thank you for adding this.

    I’m really sorry that I didn’t get back to you. I’m torn between pillar and post at the moment and some things have gotten away from me.

    Thanks again, I’m really pleased that you found a solution.

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      Remi Thackrey

      You are getting really good at this. Thanks for the solution, I was also wondering how to do that. This is really useful information.

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    Thank you. Extremely helpful.

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