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Opting out of sharing some posts to Vacation Soup

Home Forums The Soup Opting out of sharing some posts to Vacation Soup

This topic contains 5 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by  calabashcottages 10 months, 1 week ago.

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    I have numerous posts from my blog that i do not think are current enough to be shared on vacation soup.  On the other hand I put a lot of work into them and have them tagged so i do not want to delete them.  Scrolling through my website blog they make sense to visitors. But seeing pre hurricane posts are causing me me a good deal of anxiety.  I do not want to delete them but they are not appropriate popping up as recent.  Also, I have some old blog posts on my site that refer to specials which are not at all current. Could there be a way to check off posts that should not be shared on Vacation Soup?  I can’t be the only person in this position. Especially with the old specials.  Thanks.

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    Maria Lamb

    I noticed that recently, too.  There was a blog post that I wasn’t sure I wanted to share on Vacation Soup so I just did it through the post page, and I was surprised it came through Vacation Soup.  So far it’s been fine, but I can think of some times where I might just want it to be on my website only.

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    I also sometimes just  want to share a beautiful picture with some text inscribed over it. Not at all kind of informative post that is appropriate to the informative posts that fit in whit the vacation soup model.


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    See above.   Is there an edit button? Or should I try typing with my glasses? 🙂

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    We have so far taken the approach that if a post is worthy of publishing on your site, it needs to be in the soup to be promoted, as we could not see a reason you would want to post and not promote the post. The older posts will not show up unless they are relevant to the search, and our Google Juice certainly does make your older posts much more reachable through search.

    There is however a rising call for us to add a feature to allow you to post locally only, or to mark a post as not for synchronisation. We are looking into this.


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    Thank you for your response, Francis.  I think that the way I understand Vacation Soup is that you are looking for informative posts for guests planning to visit the area.  Some of mine do that and sometimes i just send out a holiday greeting or a special.  Seeing outdated specials  pop up is a problem. Also in my particular case we were hit by two devastating hurricanes.  A few days back a cavalier post about hurricane season shortly before disaster struck) showed up in my news feed and I practically choked 🙂

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